Saturday, June 9, 2012

unlisted #3

Okay, I still haven't done my first analog challenge yet. Maybe tomorrow? In the meantime, I'm catching up on some of the things occupying my brainspace. (previous versions: here and here)

from left to right

Room in Paris from AirBnB: So now that I've taken a week long vacation (my first in ages), I've got the bug. A certain someone (name starts with a B and ends with an oyfriend) is afraid of flying, but we have a system down now - three tablets of Calms Forte and he's out by the time we take off! So why not take the plunge and go to Paris next? This room on AirBnb is calling my name HARDCORE. I mean, look at that wood paneling behind the bed. C'est genial!

Adventurer's larder from Hchom: This one's for you nerds. I've been pouring through the archives of Hchom with the sort of glee I only experience every once in awhile. Marian Churchland is an illustrator and comic artist, and Hchom is her illustrated/photographed log of everything she wants - normally food or fancy jackets. I especially love her list of food in Skyrim and this menu of food for her imaginary cafe. Foodies + video game nerds unite!

Honey Wheat Cake: More food. I want to eat anything with honey on/in it.

David the Android video: Fassbender, dear readers. FASSBENDER. He's holding strong on my top five, and for good reason. We saw Prometheus last night, and I'm happy to report that he was my absolute favorite part. Never have I felt more love for a (possibly flawed) robot! My fellow moviegoers were less than happy with the movie overall, but I enjoyed it in the way that perhaps only someone who didn't grow up with Alien could. But really. Watch this "viral video" (ew, I hate that phrase) they made starring Michael Fassbender and I think you'll understand why he's so great.

Hand Carved Coco Bead Necklace: Thief&Bandit is one of my favorite sellers on etsy. I have one of their keychains and it is ever so charming... and just look at this necklace in all of its tassle-y wooden bead-y goodness!

This cat: I wish I knew the original source for this little darling. I love it so much, I even made a little version of it myself.


  1. i feel like i've turned into a stalker of your blog. i never comment on blogs anymore but, somehow, yours is still drawing them out of me. anywho...

    that parisian airbnb is pretty darn rad. we're looking at some for ny (COME TO TO NY FIRST WEEK OF SEP! IN FACT, WE SHOULD BAND TOGETHER & RENT THIS BABY: INDOOR CABIN!!) & is it ever a time-suck perving at peoples homes.

    also, i did not know you had a tumblr. consider yourself followed.

  2. jen, I am almost entirely sold on renting that place with you. Like, seriously. Is you boyfriend coming along? I bet I could convince mine to go in on it, unless you were thinking ladies weekend!

  3. no, alan's coming too! i'd probably have to recalculate my finances - i was planning on using airbnb to, y'know, stay in ny for cheaper, but then they go & show me an indoor cabin (i think i gave you the wrong listing, this one is for the entire apt:

    no pressure though! i'm not even sure i can definitely afford if, buh. BUT if not you should come down aaaannyway!

  4. OOooooooohhh yeah, that's a little more expensive that the other listing, haha. I don't think I can afford it either. Let's work on getting rich so we can stay there some day!

    I still do think I'd like to have a lil' NY vaycay, I'll keep planning!

  5. EMMA, I had never seen that David Promotional video before TODAY. IT IS HILARIOUS. And Awesome!