Wednesday, September 30, 2015

moon child

After a flurry of texts and sparkley eyed excitement (as we always do), on Sunday Lisa and I decided to do a quick last minute blood moon gif poem - say THAT ten times fast! 

I just realized that I never posted our original gif poems, the ones that started this whole gif poem obsession! We made 10 of these bad boys for Poor Claudia, and it took me fifty million years to finish them but now they're one of my most favorite things. 


(Bonus: if you go to Poor Claudia's website there's some extra info about our process when we work together. It involves a lot of sparkle eyes.)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

fall in love

Ahh, fall. The leaves, the temperatures, the food. I know fall is arriving for many folks, and to celebrate I drew this happy little mouse enjoying some sort of tasty spiced tea in his wellies. 

I said fall is arriving for "many folks" because has notttt quitttte arrived here yet. We have a couple more months of summer weather in LA before the temperatures drop (in "winter"), but a girl can still make a fall fashion inspiration board if she wants to, right? 

My wardrobe is slowly but steadily getting upgraded/downsized, and I've been doing a lot of online window shopping in hopes of figuring out exactly what it is I want. The answer is all black everything I guess? I'm boring now? Whateverrrrr, go look at some stuff I've been ogling from a variety of places (some of it on the unaffordable side, but that's why it's window shopping.. amirite??)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

work it

I was going through my files the other day and realized that I had a GIANT (okay maybe just a couple) backlog of fun illustrations that I hadn't posted yet! They're all from various promotional campaigns Bright has done in the last couple months, so there's lots of fun fun stuff!

Enjoy, peruse, and dream about what you would use as a house if you were an adorable fairy. 

p.s. that "Puberty & You" book is maybe the funniest thing I've ever drawn.

Monday, September 7, 2015

playing ketchup

Here in the US it's Labor Day! There's a lot of history surrounding this day, but most people just celebrate the fact that they don't have work and can drink beer & grill up some hot dogs in the middle of the day - which, I'll admit, is kind of what I do. Except we don't have a grill, so instead I digitally grilled up a SPARKLE DOG.

Tell me, interwebs, what do you like on your hot dog? I'm a simple ketchup and mustard girl myself, although I do prefer that the dog be grilled within an inch of it's life. Crispy dogs 4ever.