Wednesday, September 28, 2011

gold standard


I dragged myself home halfway through the day yesterday with a crazy headcold. It's been awhile since I got sick, and this one threw me for a loop! I got some pho and watched When Harry Met Sally, though - and today I feel GREAT. One of the nice things about being couch-ridden for half the day was I got to poke around the bloggies! I'd been meaning to delve into Oh Happy Day as it essentially has all the things I want: pretty pictures, someone living in Paris, good taste in clothing AND... pinatas?

image c/o Oh Happy Day

Don't get me wrong, I loved a good pinata and the rain of sweets that it produced back in the day, but I haven't really though about them since the fifth grade. Jordan, being the genius she is, has brought me back. This precious DIY golden alligator pinata drew some serious "OH FOR CUTE"s from me, albeit in a stuffy, tired voice. Mark my words, I WILL make this pinata, and I will hang it in my apartment and I will name him Frank.

But in the meantime, I will do a drawing of him wearing a top hat!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

scout's honor

Look around you! There are neat places to eat and shop and look at stuff EVERYWHERE. And I'm so excited that the gloriously talented Tuesday and Meg Lewis of studio sweet studio asked LITTLE OL' ME to contribute City Guide for their Minneapolis edition of City Scout! I cheated and mostly featured St. Paul places, but you can hit up my best buddy Alli's guide some some tasty Minneapolis tidbits. Also ignore how many times I wrote "top notch", because it's embarrassing.

Friday, September 23, 2011

film club

canterbury park
leaving canterbury park 

 In the middle of the summer, Alli lent/gave me a silly lil' point and shoot Olympus Accura and I have been so happy with my newfound camera phone alternative! I'm not photographer, but I think some of these give a pretty good representation of my summer. Hopefully I'll get the same results for fall... although I'll also hopefully master how far away I need to be from someone's face for them to be in focus. I think there are about 8 photos with blurry faces!

box fan summer

Aug11-14elko trader's market 
RA's last breakfast / Alli at the flea market

canterbury park 
canterbury park fashion

reptile show 
my favorite part of the state fair that i've never been to

the pickle rock
Bryan shows concern at the pickle shaped rock Alli got for her birthday

Saturday, September 10, 2011


top: urban outfitters, skirt: vintage from dutchdrift (and pointed out to me by darcy), shoes: swedish hasbeens 

 I finally sat down and started thinking about the two longer-length skirts I have in my closet right now. HOW THE FRICK AM I SUPPOSED TO WEAR THEM. The things you can wear with shorter skirts just don't work here! So today I present to you my two new skirts, both with a stripey top. Any other ideas, friends?

 This white, ballerina/carrie bradshaw-esque skirt will probably be better in more cocktail party situations, as it feels so FANCY when I see it in person. We have plans to possibly attend a play at the Guthrie next week, perhaps that will be the perfect occasion!

top: urban outfitters, skirt: everly, purchased at primp, hat: charlotte russe, bag: vintage, sandals: vintage from it's a date 

 And here's my more recent purchase, this olive green maxi skirt. It's a bit more casual and thus leaves me even more dumbstruck as to what I should do with it. I don't want a mini Michael Kors playing in my head screaming "It looks like she just stepped out of A FARM in the AMISH COUNTRY or something. Just put a BONNET on her head and you've practically got LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRARIE". So how to I make this baby work?

A note to all you Minnesota girls: PLEASE CHECK OUT PRIMP. It's on the corner of Selby & Dale in St. Paul and it's absolutely adorable. They get new items in every day and EVERYTHING is under $100. I've seen a few things in there that you can also find on but they're cheaper at Primp!! So please, give me your styling tips! I could use them!

Also, I'm pretty sure I need to get lenses put in the glasses I'm wearing in these photos. I popped them on for fun and didn't want to take them off! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

fill 'er up

A quick "rest of the summer" recap to tide my "I don't post enough on this thing"-guilt over while I work on something a little more long form for this here bloggie. Hopefully it will be interesting to others!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

over all

I can't tell if the summer is ending, or if it's got a few more kicks left.....