Thursday, March 28, 2013

cel style (#3)

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HEY DUDES. Remember forever ago when I would pick a Miyazaki movie and make one or two dream outfits based on the film? Yeah, it's been awhile, but Mallory over at Gems has been making some STUNNING fantasy outfit posts, and I couldn't help myself. 

This time around I picked NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind, as a little challenge - this one is decidedly more fantasy/sci fi than the last two films I picked, but just as good! Yet another rock n' roll lady hero (and a princess at that!), kickin' butt and trying to find a way to save the world without destroying the environment. Miyazaki certainly knows how to make a great female character. Oh and did I mention she has an adorable fox squirrel sidekick? Aweeessooommmeee!!

Guys, go watch this movie immediately (or read the comic!), and in the meantime let's think about how we can emulate NausicaƤ's sweet blue & white style with a little spring-y outfit.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

random encounter

Hey blog! I've got a few fun things on my plate, hopefully soon they'll end up here. In the meantime I've got some RANDOM THINGS!!! to keep you company! We did a little dog sitting earlier in the week for an adorable little wiener dog named (get this) Emma. She was a wonderful guest, but this girl had the most amazing adorably sad sparkle eye thing going on. Even when she was happy HER EYES WERE FILLED WITH THE SADNESS OF A THOUSAND SOULS.

So clearly I made a gif of her.

Also I did a little piece for the adorable Inconnu magazine - for an article about YOUR FAVORITE PAIR OF JEANS. My favorite pair of jeans are super cheap forever21 jeans. The material is like tissue paper but dang do they make my butt look good.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


my clay babies

Truth time: I have zero to no craft. It's weird, because I'm not bad at.. you know.. drawing (not to brag) and that's sort of a hand eye coordination thing, right? Well my friends that's where the buck stops. I can't wrap presents, I'm terrible at cutting a straight line with scissors.. you get the picture.

Yet I yearn to make pottery. I wrote about this last year, and it took me until last month to take the plunge and sign up for a class at the Northern Clay Center. Guess what? Yep, my craft is still terrible. But I had a fantastic time anyway. It was super fun to feel like maybe I was getting a little better, and now I have two cups and a small bowl, with two more bowls on the way!

Check 'em out....

my clay babies
I don't know how I got this effect with the glaze, but now I have a new bowl for my rocks

my clay babies
another glaze mishap - not enough for my decorations to show up! But isn't this white gorgeous?

my clay babies

Thursday, March 14, 2013

movie magic

Specific memories of Harry Potter:

-A family friend working for the Borders (i miss you Borders!) web division got advance copies of the second book and gave us one, I felt like the coolest kid on the block.

-Reading the 6th book in an MCAD dorm room at breakneck speeds during my time as an RA for a high school art program. 

-A bunch of kids at the same program a year later reading the final book in the cafeteria, crying their eyes out.

Anyway, the Silver Screen Society is doing HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN this month! Bill and I got together to watch the movie and do some sketching, but it became clear the second the kids stepped into Professor Trelawney's classroom that I had to do something involving her and her magnificent collection of teapots. 

(movie enthusiasts: I know it happens a little different in the film, but let's just pretend for a second that a giant menacing mouse monster hangs above Emma Thompson's head while she has her premonition. Also Emma Thompson is the most hilarious person.)

Some details:

p.s. Maybe I'm the last one on the planet who used Google Reader, but I'm majorly bummed they're going away. Bloglovin', here I come.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

pattern pals #4: secret society

I'll admit, when I suggested to Katie that we do a secret society theme for this week's pattern pals I already had sketched something else. On a whim I had been googling around, doing visual research on the ever popular Odd Fellows, and found this amazing website with loads of Odd Fellow art. The beginnings of this pattern ended up in my sketchbook, and that's when I shared my idea with Katie.

Weirdly enough, without having seen my piece, Katie and I came up with somewhat similar patterns! I guess when you think of secret societies you normally think of some sort of all-seeing-eye? Go check out Katie's, by the way, it is bonkers awesome.

I had a good time with this pattern! Experimenting always.

HERE COME THE DOWNLOADS: repeating tile / iphone wallpaper / ipad wallpaper

And here comes the corresponding dream outfit! This time around I was thinking about what I might wear to a the Master-esque masquerade party on a yacht or something....

  headband / necklace / earrings / shoes (how amazing are these things?) / dressmask / clutch

Monday, March 4, 2013


clockwise: new plant baby / attempts at pottery / a bostcok from patisserie 46 / space party prep

I've got a few projects brewing in the wings, in the meantime here's some glimpses into Emma-world to satisfy my little bloggie bloggert. And don't forget - you can buy that font above over at the Perfect Pair!

Friday, March 1, 2013

fruits of your labor

I definitely had to do a double take when I stumbled across Emma Magazine. Guys. The tagline is "if Martha was a twenty-something". I KNOW, I know, how did this magazine with my name just happen to be made for me? Some things are just meant to be, especially because after I e-mailed the ladies over at the magazine we quickly agreed that I should do an illustration for an upcoming issue.

So if you like tasty beverages of an alcoholic nature then you absolutely MUST check out the March issue! You'll be able to check out my illustrated sangria recipe and there's a link to download and print your own little hang tag, a perfect way to present someone with a bottle of wine at a party. There's also adorable fashion, delicious salad recipes and a farmer's market roundup! GO READ!!