Friday, October 30, 2009


a sweet, simple, & short video shot this year during a class at my alma mater. thanks, mcad flickr!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

pattern of behavior

my new babies

How is it that I always get the best co-workers? This time around, it's a wonderful woman who tips me off on great estate sales (we even went together once and I got a fab vintage bathing suit that will probably end up in the shop next summer) and listens to me gush about the mini pies that I plan on making (inspired, of course, by kate miss's little guys). A few days ago I complained about my lack of thermos to take lots of yummy peppermint tea to the studio, and the next day this thermos set complete with plaid carrier and huge plastic sandwich tin came to work with the aforementioned coworker! Oh joy! My plaid obsession is on overkill.

So here's the thank you note I made for her, in the spirit of me posting more art and less boring things:


Thursday, October 22, 2009

window shopping

my tray

During the winter of my tray obsession (I now have THREE TRAYS because of this obsession. Who needs three trays?!) I stumbled upon Three Potato Four, which lead to the acquisition of that adorable little tray above. But oh, Three Potato Four is good for so much more than trays..

I'm currently lusting over the Hovis English Bread Tins and Little Red Riding Key Hook (SO CUTE).

Internet window shopping is just so satisfying for me. I think I'll be doing it most of the morning, along with some coffe and my favorite lounge-y iTunes radio station, Martini in The Morning.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

lack of enthusiasm


oh blog, i am sorry. you have fallen to the wayside while my life hurls countless crazy things my way. illness? check. interviews and big projects? check and check. crazy hours at work? checkaroo. I've been wishing I could document outfits, as I kind of miss wardrobe remix... but right now I'm not even wearing anything interesting, or wearing it at a time of day when the flash would not be entirely necessary.

And art? well, art will be made soon, hopefully some to share.

until then, these random photos taken at random intervals of downtime are pretty much all I got.


Monday, October 5, 2009

photo finish

wedding photobooth funwedding photobooth fun

on friday I attended a lovely wedding with katie, bill, and ben. It was too. much. fun. Please, everyone getting married, get a photobooth for your wedding. Everyone will think you're awesome.

Twin Cities residents: The Traveling Photobooth seems to be the photobooth of choice - used at such places as ROCK THE GARDEN and THAT WEDDING I WENT TO ON FRIDAY.

I also think Smile Booth would be rockin, too.

Friday, October 2, 2009

fall into place

Recently I decided to become a seasonal tourist. In other words, do all the typical things you're supposed to do in any given season. I already drink gin & tonics in the summer and whiskey gingers in the winter, so why not go all out? Food, clothing, activities, all of them WILL GET DONE this year. What's on my fall docket?


Food-wise, I'm all about the spices, apples, and pumpkins. I've never baked a pumpkin pie before, and my mom has a pretty killer recipe that I'm totally going to snag. For all of you not related to my mom, Martha's got a few good recipes. I'm also pretty set on drinking apple cider, making mulled cider, eating apples, and going to an apple orchard.

Before it snows. This may prove to be difficult, but hopefully Minnesota will be good to me.


The chill of fall means two things to me: tons of blankets and TEA TEA TEA (and hot coffee in the mornings). I have the perfect blanket right now - polar fleece on one side, fuzzy lamb-like fleece on the other. IT IS SO COMFY. but I do like this plaid one from Pendleton... it's called the LUMBERMAN BLANKET!! As far as tea goes, I can never have enough cute mugs, and I desperately need a new tea kettle.


With all these blankets and tea and apples, I will probably need to curl up and read a few books. Right now I'm working my way through Stiff, but next up I'd like to read some books that are good on the inside AND the outside - like Cheerful Money (getting tons of write ups) or The Mysterious Benedict Society... the first book, that is. THE ONE THAT CARSON ELLIS ILLUSTRATED. She is my hero, guys.

Also, I'm still obsessed with these ugly/cute boots. I CANNOT TELL IF THEY ARE UGLY OR CUTE PLEASE HELP.