Wednesday, June 6, 2012

hand maiden

Isn't the internet great? Thanks to the internet I met Lisa and got to work on a cover for her amazing chapbook, thanks to the internet we kept in touch, thanks to the internet we started scheming about something pretty cool. Seeeecrreettsssss......

While scheming, Lisa invited me to do something else with her: the Analog Challenge! In a twist of fate, this project is about doing something weekly for the entirety of June off of the internet (and then, of course, logging back on and reporting about it on our respective blogs). Spending all my time on a computer has changed the way I think and create, and that's a double edged sword.

I'll still be online and probably creating things digitally this month as well, but each week I'm going to take care to enjoy myself away from my computer. You should do it, too! I mean, look at these things that I'm going to attempt:

For this week: cook something new out of a *gasp* COOKBOOK. I know, I won't have the endless chasm of my recipe board on Pinterest, I'll have to pick something from a finite book. It's going to be great....

Okay this one's cheating, since I've already started taking photos with a film camera AND posting them here. Instead, I think I'll either order some polaroid film and use that instead of Instagram for a week OR learn how to use this fancy camera we have stashed away somewhere.

This one might seem like cheating too, but I honestly haven't made full illustrations outside of a computer in ages. It's going to be a big challenge!

I'm not sure if I have too much for the whole month or not, but either way.. I want to write some people letters.... do you want a letter? I can write you one! SNAIL MAIL AND EVERYTHING.

(p.s. if I'm going to be doing all this painting and such, I'm going to really need a new scanner. I might be the only one that noticed this, but it has a BLURRY spot, which is really against the whole point of having a scanner.)