Monday, June 23, 2014

flower power

I've been lucky enough to have a couple fun flower-y projects come my way as of late - the one above was actually just for fun though! Sometimes I like to pretend that I own a line of good smelling body products and that I get to choose the scents and design the packaging... and someone else does the rest of the work. Wouldn't that be ideal? Doesn't eucalyptus have the prettiest leaves? All answers point to yes.

Other floral things happening in my life currently:

On Saturday I took a quick jaunt out to the ocean to do a little boogie boarding (newest obsession) and Gwen Stefani ogling (she was RIGHT. THERE) and then headed back inland so I could be Katie's official floral crown-maker at the Bust Craftacular. The whole thing was MAJORLY fun, there were cute ladies and amazing goods everywhere. In case you want to drop some hard earned cash on something pretty and fun, here are some of the vendors I was crushing on:

Selvedge Dry Goods (for your fashion truck-y, watermelon shorts-y needs) | Sienne Josselin (for your earthy illustration needs) | Hannah Nance (for your Babe Alert print-y needs) | Paola Loves to Shop (for your dreamy jewelry needs) | Small Adventure (for your gorgeously illustrated cards-y needs)

And DUH, the Good Twin for your best letterpressed cards ever-y needs!

And here are two photos from my trip to Michigan - a gorgeous letter "B" made by my future sister-in-law's sister (what is that? is there a term for that?) and a happily full windowbox in my parent's backyard. If you ever wonder where my love for mint and teal comes from... well.. it's probably because I grew up in a perfect minty green house.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

post haste

I'm kicking myself for not posting this sooner (or just in general not posting enough), but guess what? You can totes McGoats buy cards with my art on them from! AHHH this website is seriously the cutest - you can either order a box set of cards and address them the old fashioned way OR write a card via their website and they'll send it for you! So handy!

Yes, this would have been more handy if I had posted this BEFORE father's day (see below) but I was off to Michigan to celebrate my brother's lovely lady's bachelorette party for the weekend. This, by the way, was terribly fun. I consumed... shall we say... a few shots.

BUT NO MATTER. If you have some card sending needs (maybe you forgot to send a father's day card?) check out Postable!