Sunday, April 21, 2013


When I was little my brother and cousins and I would play "Dragon School", which was a thinly veiled excuse to write up tiny report cards and organize office materials for our fictitious school for dragons. My love of school supplies and brightly colored yet simple products has carried on throughout my life... and right into the estate sale of an ENTIRE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL a few weekends ago.

Picture it. Gym supplies, science supplies (beakers!), maps, globes, EVERYTHING. So a whole bunch of us (including Alli & John) got ourselves down to the sale to grab some numbers and go nuts. I zeroed in on the geology samples right away and got myself a most excellent sample of rocks, all named and organized neatly in what appears to be a small box covered in gift wrap. Don't worry, I have plans to mount these babies in a shadow box or somesuch business.

I tried to limit myself otherwise, since our apartment is so small... but I did walk away with a giant bag of paper flowers (currently waiting for their fate in our storage unit) and a great little book on gems. Since I didn't want to take home too much else, I settled on photographing all the great covers I found after a quick jaunt around the library. Here are my faves:

p.s. in case you don't follow me on instagram and didn't see my photo of that bottom right book: I hereby claim Spice and the Devil's Cave as my band name.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Last year as each new season would roll on in I got in the habit of making a playlist to fit a certain mood unique to that season. Summer had one for late nights out with the windows down, fall had one for making cider and walking through the leaves, and winter's was all about nightcaps with a warm blanket and a backdrop of falling snow.

I was planning on starting the Spring playlist sometime soon... and then Minnesota got dumped on by Mother Nature. Six inches of snow! From here all I can see is tree branches covered in the stuff. So the spring playlist will have to wait, but in the meantime my winter playlist is perfect! Take a listen, especially if you're looking out your window forlornly. 

p.s. shoutouts to my dad for introducing me to that amazing Brad Mehldau Knives Out cover. Who knew Radiohead would sound so good played by a jazz band?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

pattern pals #5: the alphabet

It's time for a very special pattern pals! This time around Katie and I created the assets and picked a color palette together, then went our separate ways and made a pattern using our combined drawings! SO MUCH FUN! Lettering seemed like a nice thing to work together on, especially since I've amassed quite a lot of books and websites with great vintage lettering and type. 

I had a lot of fun with this one, and it was so fun to see what Katie came up with as well! 

And of course, here's the corresponding outfit, inspired by the snow on the ground and my major vitamin D deficiency....

Monday, April 15, 2013

signs of life

After another whirlwind weekend (space parties and amazing estate sales oh my) I've just got a few fun programming notes.

First up... FIRST AVE! My font got the super size treatment for a billboard (complete with giant coffee cup) that was placed atop world famous downtown Minneapolis concert venue First Avenue. This place has hosted about five million amazing concerts AND you can see it in Purple Rain. I was, understandably, very excited to go give the billboard a looksee.

Speaking of First Ave, I'm going to see James Blake there at the beginning of May! Have you listened to his new album? So good so goooooood.

Last but not at all least, let's talk about Miserable & Worthless. This awesomely named zine comes from MCAD alumni Tuesday Bassen and her buddy Lyndsay Eyth and is chock full of lady art... including a piece from me! Seriously, pre-order this bad boy while you still can. I can't wait to get mine in the mail!

Monday, April 8, 2013

weekend update

Hey buds! My bestest pattern pal Katie has been in town since last week, so I've been pushing the ol' bloggert to the side in order to work all day and play all night. Hopefully we'll be coming atcha soon with a new pattern! In the meantime, some weekend observations with references.

-If you talk about getting ID-ed at the Mall of America one day, you'll most certainly get carded the next time you go. Really, security guard lady? Do I seriously look 16 to you?
-I am only useful at pub trivia for very random questions. Example: An 8 letter curved sword? Scimitar, duh.
-Noshed at the following places, all of them delicious: Grand Central, The Italian Pie Shoppe, Mojo Monkey, Bar Abilene, (ruby tuesdays..)
-Thanks to Harvey Danger for aiding me in my most successful karaoke performance yet

And, finally, because I can't turn down any sort of game with adorable customizable animal characters that you can buy clothes and furniture for.... I started playing LINEplay. It's fully nerdy and yes.. possibly a little furry-esque BUT ITS SO CUTE I honestly don't care.

My little rabbit/raccoon girl is up there, bein' her cute ambiguous animal self. If you're interested in playing download and use this little code to get some free gems for you and me: EW-3243-2502


Monday, April 1, 2013

film club

perfect pair, givin' yins guys headaches since 2013

Hey hey! I haven't done one of these posts in a long time! Most likely because in Minnesota when it gets cold it also gets dark, so I never go outside and the light is all terrible and my limited photo taking skills go out the window.

But now it's nice out, and I'm finally trying out my "new" (as in I got it at christmas and this is the first roll I've finished with it) ultra wide/slim camera! Baby doesn't have any flash, so some of these came out a little dark. I TAKE WHAT I CAN GET THOUGH

cameron's apartment

chisago city


friends brunch 2013

yeah, that's how old this roll of film was.