Sunday, March 25, 2012

you teach me and i'll teach you

Omanyte, GO!

Remember that post I made awhile back about the AMAZINGLY COOL Pokemon: Battle Royale show I get to participate in this April? Well lookie here, folks - my final Omanyte has surfaced! I'm pretty happy with it - I tried a few new techniques for this piece and had an absolute blast! It's also inspired me to keep drawing from the nerdy things I love, so you can expect to see more where this came from in the future!

If you want to know more about my little darling poke-man, check out Omanyte on the Bulbapedia (yes, this is a real website!).

Gotta catch 'em all!!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

spring has sprung

It's the first day of spring, yins guys! Let's celebrate by switching over to our warm weather adult beverages (whiskey gingers in the cold months, gin & tonics in the warm months) and put away our tights and sit on the couch in a sun dress watching our respective dude friends play the newly released Silent Hill HD collection! Well, that part might just be me, but you get the picture.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

guest book

Hey bloggies and blogettes! Today I'm featured on Babes in Thriftland as one of Erin's "Other Babes"! I managed to pull out a few of my thrifted treasures for this fun little feature, and big ups to boyfriend Bryan for photo takin'! I think they look pretty good, because I like to brag. Check it outttt!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

poster child

You may have seen my minor (major) freak out on facebook... or twitter... or tumblr on Thursday, but this poster (available FOR SALE, go buy one!) that I created with my buddy and art partner Bill was featured on Mint and then (omgomgomgomg) on APARTMENT THERAPY. Bill and I shared a quick paced online "oh my gosh oh my gosh we need to update our website" chat when we discovered this. We're so grateful for the press!

And yes, in case you looked at the Apartment Therapy post and said to yourself "I wish this pattern WAS a dress", you can head on over to our (still under construction) website and hire the Perfect Pair to design a pattern for you!

Friday, March 2, 2012

music to my ears

Half Poision, Half Pure

Last night I wrapped up the cover art for Matt Jones' newest album, Half Poison Half Pure. It's been a joy for me to be able to work TWICE with a musician whose music I truly listen to! The Black Path was probably my most played album of 2009, and I'm happy to say that I'm still proud of the work I did for that cover as well.

You should listen to the album now, really. It's different and dark and insightful and I love it.