Sunday, April 29, 2012

busy work


phew. It's been a long couple weeks. Things started up on Wednesday two weeks, and didn't slow down until Friday! There were birthday parties, grilled cheeses, karaoke, haircuts, brunch, shopping trips, multiple visits to the neighborhood bar, parents in town, pokemon to be seen, museums visited and SO so so much food consumed.

I'm pooped. So here, look at some photos I've taken on my phone. I know, I've been a delinquent blogger - I promise to be better!

bloody maryphoto
brunch at bar abilene with the ladies - I'll wager it was one of the best ever!

I got this dress from modcloth and this awesome poetry package from my best online poetry buddy lisa cicarello on the same day! SERENDIPITY. Those little square poems are stickers... I can't wait to use them!

Photolettering's amazing brochure, Aoife ready to attack.

general Pokemon Battle Royal bad ass-ery with Bill and Chris, plus my Omanyte and a little peek-a-boo from Marisa Seguin's Porygon. You can see all the amazing pieces here!

photo photo
Katie and I got haircuts at the same time while she was in town - it was adorable. Also adorable: this oven mitt my parents brought for me.

photo photo
let's end this post on a food related note. Froyo with mochi, grilled buffalo chicken and blue cheese sammies.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

rest stop

oh my. I am having nonstop weekends of fun and excitement, sandwiched by weeks of work and excitement! It's been so great, but so tiring. As such, I haven't really felt like blogging at all, but I'm sure the inclination will come back. In the meantime, here are some flowers.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

cel style (#2)

I couldn't wait any longer - Kiki's Delivery Service will always be one of my favorite movies, the kind that feel safe and comforting, that you could watch when you're feeling sick and need a blanket and a cup of tea. It's such a sweet story, and as always the work of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli totally shine. The sets are gorgeous, and there's plenty of old timey vehicles (cars, bikes, airplanes).

I also couldn't help but make a set for our heroine, Kiki... and the young fellow who takes a liking to her, Tombo. They're both so stylish!



Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ladie's night

Jessie Schneider

Going to art school has to be one of the greatest times of my life. It's so wonderful to meet people who really care about creating and actively discovering great artwork, past and present. I met a lot of great folks at MCAD, and have continued really meaningful relationships with a lot of these folks beyond school. Recently I've been reconnecting with a few that I haven't seen as much since graduation, and man. There are a lot of really talented ladies! Of course there were talented dudes too, but since I'm a lady and I love ladies, I think its time that some of my favorite MCAD girlz got the spotlight!

(I'm only posting a few, but I should seriously make this a regular series... when I went back to edit this I realized that I left out SO MANY talented MCAD women. Keep your eyes peeled!)


Jessie Schneider again, this girl has an enviable knowledge of color.... and also has some
 very enviable hair. Seriously, I think I need her hair cut.


Kelly Abeln is a whiz at skee ball and illustrates regularly for ROOKIE, making her my hero

Sami Foust, you make graphic design and rollerskating look like a breeze.


Carla lives in the apartment below me, makes amazing/haunting photographs and is the best dancer you've ever seen. 

 Annnnnd of course, my best ladies:

Katie Wilson is one half of Dude & Chick. She's visiting in a few weeks from LA and my excitement is tenfold!


You probably know Allison from her blog, dotluv, but I met Alli BEFORE the blog - we've been friends since our early college years! She's a fabtastic photographer, but I didn't have to tell you that.