Monday, May 30, 2011

sun spots

(outfit #1, L to R:maison martin margeila blazer, lauren pierce scarf j. crew striped silk dress, dorothy perkins briefcase, old navy crochet espadrilles)

Guys, summer is here. It was hot and muggy today and I wore shorts with NO TIGHTS ON two days in a row. I had grilled corn twice, I broke a sweat outside, I thought dreamily about that jcrew swimsuit I ordered that should be on its way to me next week. I played lawn sports, I made cobbler.... Summer is here.

So, that means a new wardrobe, right? RIIIIIIIIGHT? I want more sandals and stripes, sunglasses and brown leather.

(outfit #2, L to R: john patrick lace shirt, rue 21 braided belt, Only CORAL shorts, keds champion austin skimmers, emilio pucci canvas shopping bag, topshop headband, cacharel sunglasses)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

hello ladies

Excuse me while I get all barfy on yins guys, but TODAY IS A BIG DAY. My bestest lady Allison is getting married to an awesome dude, and my other bestest lady Katie is moving to Sunnytown USA (aka Los Angeles) tomorrow. I love them both SO MUCH and I'm so happy for both of them!

Alli already did a cute post with some recent pictures of us, so now I will take the opportunity to walk down MEMORY LANE.


we lurv life



lip friends

(of course, I had to sneak in a photo Alli & Alex. CONGRATS GUYS. YOU ARE THE BEST!)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

shop girl

Etsy is KILLIN IT right now. I sort of gave up on the site for awhile after a long slump of "I can't find anything I like"-itis and a little bit of being overwhelmed by all the options. But recently I hopped back on and instantly found a few things that I can't live without... although my bank account seems to think I'll be okay. I'll probably listen to my bank account.

triangle garland by littleseeta, honey badger mug by corduroy (p.s. if you have not seen the honey badger video, make sure you are not at work or in the vicinity of those who might not like to hear swears and give it a watch. It's pretty hilarious.)

the greedy seagull has a PLETHORA of adorable clothing, although I'm particularly obsession with this pink printed dress, this linen ikat dress and this Jerry Gilden dress

large glove mold from AMRadio, small geo planter from mgmy

Friday, May 6, 2011

tour de force

Greetings! Go check out my feature today on Studio Sweet Studio!

If you haven't seen this most excellent blog yet, then you are in for a treat my friend. Tuesday Bassen (a fellow MCADien) and Meg Lewis post daily about the living spaces of creative people they admire.... and they also do some sweet interviews, how-tos, and general "you should check this out!"s. It's fab, and I'm so honored to be a part of it. Thanks, ladies!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

double trouble

time travel

I'll be posting over on the 5x5 blog every couple weeks from now on! You wanna see some vintage Emma artwork? Hop on over there! I can promise it will be funny.

Also - after alllll debate over tattoos and such, I got one today! Except it's obviously not the giant floral honker that I was planning.... it's a tiny anchor! Alli, Katie and our awesome buddy Angie all got together a few weekends ago for Alli's bachelorette party - and we all decided to get anchor tattoos! The four of us have been advice-givers, ear-lenders, picker-uppers, and sexandthecity-watchers for each other for so many years. With Alli getting married and Katie moving out of state and Angie buying a house, the anchor is an awesome reminder that we'll still be there for each other. BARF ATTACK.