Thursday, October 15, 2015

old haunts

It's October! YAY, you guys, IT'S FALL! I don't care if it still gets up to 90 on a weekly basis, I love Fall and all the stuff that comes with it... including gloomy doodles! I've been doing a terrible job drawing something spooky every day (Bill is doing WAY better), but I wanted to show off a couple of my recent doodles!

Spooky podcasts have been inspiring me a lot this month, I started listening to Lore (nonfiction scary story origins), Limetown (fiction journalism about a strange town and its disappearing inhabitants), and most importantly Knifepoint Horror - this one is another fiction podcast, but each episode is a different terrifying tale written from one point of view. They are the ultimate campfire stories, with twists and open ended mysteries, I'm totally obsessed.

Also accomplished this month in the spooky realm: I watched the Blair Witch Project for the first time ever and survived! ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED.