Sunday, June 3, 2012

frozen planet

froyoyo chart

I know I know. Frozen yogurt was a huge deal FOREVER ago everywhere else. Minnesota is always a little slow to pick up on food trends, but once we have them we go NUTS with them (see also: donuts). It felt like in a flash there were froyo spots popping up all over the twin cities... and, to my delight, mostly in St. Paul! Freestyle is my fave, although TruBerry is conveniently close by.

So, in celebration of the Official Dessert of Summer 2012, I've whipped up a chart of my favorite frozen yogurt options, with a super sized serving! (seriously though, I could never eat that much)

1) Let's get this straight. I've tried some amazing flavors, like salted caramel or chili chocolate. They're wonderful. But nothing beats a nice plain tart yogurt. Tart pomegranate also is pretty great - and colorful!

2) Strawberries are obviously the best fresh fruit choice. Fresh fruit is REQUIRED, that's just how I roll. A lot of places have raspberries and black berries, which I like in theory but then all those seeds get in my teeth and I cry, because getting seeds in my teeth is a big food pet peeve of mine. My other big food pet peeve is anything that turns your tongue blue.

3) Some places have these funny bubbles that are just encased fruit juice. The mango one is amazing! It's like an explosion of mango happiness.

4) MOCHI OH MY GOD MOCHI. Did you think those were tiny marshmallows? THINK AGAIN, THEY ARE TEN MILLION TIMES BETTER. If you don't know what mochi is, (a) I pity you, and (b) they are a Japanese rice cake. They're squishy and funny, they go PERFECT with frozen yogurt, although I'm not sure why. Not all places have these either, which is a giant pity.

Aren't you hungry now? I certainly am.


  1. daaaaaaaaaaaang.

    1. this is a ridiculously cute drawing. you should be askin' those froyo places if you can sell 'em there!

    2. those fruity bubbles sound amazing.

    3. i do not know this mochi. i pity me.

  2. OH my gosh, get yourself to a japanese restaurant or grocery store and TRY IT. It's normally filled with a paste or jelly, or sometimes it's filled with ICE CREAM.

  3. Yes yes yes yes and YES to everything you just said about frozen yogurt. Although, sometimes, I need some cap' n crunch on mine as well! Also, I could eat fresh mochi all day everyday <3

  4. have you been to menchies? it's super cute and in highland park...they also have mochi on occasion :)

  5. Haha Milwaukee is the same with the food crazes. Three frozen yogurt places have opened near me in the past year! Mochi is one of my favourite toppings, too! (And I've found that some places have superior mochi to others). Fruity Pebbles are also surprisingly good.