Thursday, January 31, 2013


I wore this when I went to a coffee shop to work the other day - well, with a coat and gloves of course. It got really windy at one point but it was okay because I was walking to go get some Indian food. Tikka masala really warms you right up!

That's it! Go back to work, why are  you reading my blog right now. Unless it's your day off! Then you should go get some froyo and celebrate.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

unlisted #5

welcome to my semi-regular hexagonal list of things I've been thinking about/obsessing over! previous versions: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

molasses cookies | I didn't realize it, but molasses cookies are SUPER easy to make. I mean, I guess it makes sense, it's a simple cookie, but I can make these babies at the drop of a hat! What's Gaby Cooking has the perfect recipe, I've been eating one (or two or okay okay three) in the mornings with a good pot of black tea for dunking.

triforce ring from Eugene Tan | With the news that they're remaking Windwaker in HD I have been thinking a lot about the Zelda games. Zelda holds such a special place in my heart! This ring is a great little homage to the games - after all, the Triforce is a fantastic example of good simple design in video games. (related: this great article on "fake" geek girls)

upstream color | Don't you love it when you can't really tell what a movie is about from its trailer, but you can tell it's going to be interesting?! No? Just me? Either way, Upstream Color looks like a beautiful and pooosssiibly freaky movie - just watch the trailer. I know I can't wait to see it!

orchid grey's hair | Julie Sharp has perfect stunning hair that I am getting very envious of. Must not cut hair again, must not cut hair again, must dye ends soon.

help us great warrior! | The brainchild of Madéleine Flores is my kinda superhero. She loves pizza and cats and cute boys and her idea of saving the world is bringing candy to a party or kicking the bad guy in the shins. What else do you need?

super deluxe edition of rumours | HAPPY 35TH BIRTHDAY RUMOURS. How can I express how much I love you? You are such a perfect album, I listen to you all the time! And now there is a fancy rereleased version of you with live tracks and other goodies? OH MAN, what a great day.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


HEYO! You may have seen this over your social networking instawhats or facethings, but the font I designed for Caribou Coffee has officially debuted! I was so excited to have the opportunity to work on another font again - and especially in a style that I feel super comfortable in. It's also pretty crazy to look down at my latte (no flavor shots please!) and see something I drew. Go, little font! Live your new exciting life!

I collected a few images from the website, e-mail blasts, and from the cups themselves for my lil' bloggie...
another cup (thanks for the photo kate!) / coffee packaging / some instore signage / font on the website!

Anyway, I hope someday I can do another project like this. Currently I'm researching font creation softwares - Fontgrapher is the only one I've used, so if anyone has any opinions on the matter PLEASE!!! let me know. 

p.s. I changed my header! Nothing crazy, but it needed a little update. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

pattern pals

MORE PATTERNS, MOOOOREEEEE. My buddy Katie and I decided to start up a "pattern pals" project to help hone in our pattern drawin' abilities. Maybe I'll even level up soon!

We went with a "hot & cold" theme for our first pattern (Katie's is here), since it's been pretty much below zero every day in these parts and a balmy 81 over in Los Angeles/aka Home of Katharine. Next time I promise I wont' have a cute girl in my pattern... I COULDN'T HELP IT OKAY? I just love drawing cute ladies.

Here's the tile, if you want to use this as a desktop background.


Monday, January 21, 2013

cinema vérité

Bonjour, mes amis! I have an homage to La Cité Des Enfants Perdus (The City of Lost Children!) over on the Silver Screen Society today! In case you've never been to this sweet project, these guys collect a handful of artists each month and have them create a piece inspired by a specific movie.

What's great about these guys is that they encourage people to think past doing a movie poster. Don't get me wrong, posters are THE BEST, but I had a great time forgetting about the overarching theme of the film and focusing more on parts that I found particularly inspiring. That cyclops truck really caught my eye, along with all the little contraptions the characters used (thus the dog/meat basket pulley system and using a mouse to steal a key). Oh, and if you haven't seen this movie yet you should really give it a try! Jean-Pierre Jeunet (the director of Amelie) puts his weird mark on a dark alternate reality, and it's a treat to hear Ron Perlman nail all of his French dialogue.

the original sketch / a few details I scanned in and used

Also, don't forget to check out the other pieces for January! And if you're in Minnesota STAY WARM TODAY. I'm considering not leaving my apartment, thanks a lot -8 degree weather.

OH p.s. I did a little header for the MCAD Alumni newsletter. They said I could do anything I wanted, so I did cake.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

greener pastures

I just want you to know that, according to the weather channel, it is 29° but feels more like 17°. They also have a slideshow of 25 Dogs in the Snow to Melt Your Heart, but that's neither here nor there. 29° is warm, folks, compared to the last couple of frigid days. All I can do is stare longingly out the window at the clear blue sky and obsessively look at swimsuits online. Major cabin fever, dudes. Major cabin fever. It's no wonder then that I've been finding myself attracted to bright colors big bold shapes (and floral imagery, as always). 

The card above from Mister Boddington (featuring one of my fonts!) really has me thinking about greens. Emerald, after all, is the color of the year! I also focused on simple and bright when the lovely Lisa invited me to participate in her blog, The Scribble Project. Normally I work digitally, but colored pencil felt like the right option for such a fun assignment. Check out the rest of my scribble page, and the whole site! It's chock full of really great artists coming up with creative answers to Lisa's questions.

And, because I couldn't help it, here's my dream shopping spree outfit to incorporate my winter neutrals with some bright colors in hopes for an early spring...

sweater / bracelet / necklace (out of stock from swaychic) / shoes / clutch / skirt

Thursday, January 10, 2013

present & past

comfy gifts
So I had a holiday photo post planned, but then I got my photos back from the lab and they were pretty much all a bust - my fault, admittedly. Too many low light situations and a stubborn finger on the "no flash" button, my friends. New Years resolution: better photos!

Instead we're going to talk about PRESENTS. I know, incredibly self indulgent. But hey, it was Christmas AND my birthday in December.... so... I'll do what I want!

The J. Crew sweatpants and flannel robe (above) have both been on heavy rotation, along with coffee in my mug from Leif. My amazing mother tracked down a few of these mugs when they were OUT OF STOCK, by the way. She is truly a wizard of presents. But seriously, also, the sweat pants are amazing. I'm becoming a person who is considering wearing her sweatpants out in public. Don't worry, concerned friends, I haven't actually done it yet.

Some smaller items, in photo form...

a) new film camera from my darling aunt, uncle & cousins - can't wait to see if the film turns out!  

b) most amazing chunky cowl (via Anytime Scarf) from the boy's parents, I've been wearing it nonstop.

c) ceramic soy sauce buddy from my brother and his lady.

d) new Pikamo wallet from my parents (thanks for the recommendation, motherland!)

e) new preciouses from WORLD OF ROCKS ahhhhh seriously, if you're ever in Ypsilanti Michigan PLEASE go to this store. The ladies there are amazing and it is a wonderland of gemz.

What are your most favorite new additions, if you're a december holiday present person?