Saturday, July 30, 2011

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St. PaulSt. Paul

While I've only lived in St. Paul for a few years, I already feel a strong connection to this lovely city. There's a lot of visible history - the old houses, some cobblestone streets, old pubs and the like.

St. Paul

St. Paul also has some amazing foodie experiences. The Happy Gnome, Cheeky Monkey, and (DANGER, obnoxious theme song on this website) La Cucaracha come to mind immediately... but my new excitement is the Wednesday Food Truck Court. I ventured downtown St. Paul this Wednesday and, after surveying my options, got some pulled pork tacos from The Chef Shack.

Oh em gee.

amazing tacos

They were amazing.

So thank you, St. Paul, for being great. As long as I live here I will continue to love you.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

skirting the issue

Thanks to the blogsphere and the long-reaching arm of the fashion industry, I am now in the market for something I never thought I would want: a longer skirt. Preferably: pastel or black, with pleats, looks good with flowy summer tops and espadrilles, and is under $50. With pockets.

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

(stockholm streetstyle)


(collected blog, this one might be my favorite...)

(the satorialist)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

print preview

you and he

For something a little less gloomy - an illustration I did for an upcoming issue of bodytalk! (p.s. if you'd like, you can see a current illustration of mine in their Size Issue, free to download via their site!)

Monday, July 18, 2011



Making drawings, taking photos of drawings.


Making fantasical images of nerdy things (I've been playing a lot of video games this summer)


Getting inspiration from "up north" photos (by anna verlet shelton and allison, respectively)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

earth day


Hen and chicks "is a common name for a group of small succulents belonging to the flowering plant family Crassulaceae, native to Europe and northern Africa. They grow close to the ground with leaves formed around each other in a rosette, and propagating by offsets."

I'm growing my collection of low maintenance plants. The large succulent (no idea what it is specifically) I got at Trader Joe's, and the little "Crassulaceae" came from a flea market. Finding plants in weird places is apparently a talent I posses. My goal is to have a collection rivaling the one in this great photo, which I originally found on Kate Miss' pinterest and then hunted the original down like a mad woman.

Any good hardy plant recommendations?




Saturday, July 2, 2011



It was about a year ago that I got my beloved Droid Incredible and thus was ushered headfirst into the world of "I cannot be without my phone for too long, or I will shrivel up and die". It was total and complete love.

And then, two weeks ago, I dumped it for an iPhone. Don't hate me, Lil' Droidy! Soon you will have a good home, I promise. But for the time being I have to do the obligatory "I CAN TAKE THE PICTURES WITH THE IPHONE A HUR HUR" post. Look away, Droid. Look away.

Robert Palmerbeverage

boys, shoes.dreamcat

p.s. I'm using Cross Process - any other favorites from you fellow iPhoners?

Friday, July 1, 2011

leave me be

Look! another girl drawing! SURPRISE. After I saw this image from Alli's honeymoon I kinda knew that I had to draw a lady surrounded by leaves.