Sunday, January 30, 2011


bodytalk preview

A couple months ago the super awesome Sarah from BodyTalk Zine contacted me about doing an illustration for their upcoming size issue. Really, anytime drawing a girl in a bra is involved I say "YESYESYESYESYES", so obviously I was pumped. I'm still excited, even after completing the illustration - it was so fun to do, and it reminded me that I haven't really been drawing all that much recently! Having a design job is great, but sometimes I forget to continue my personal work when I get home. MORE DRAWING IN 2011!!!!

Speaking of drawing and awesome people, if you live in the Boston area you better check out Good vs. Evil!, the current show at Space 242. My cousin Amanda is one of the contributors and, as you will see below, she rocks. When I was little I would stare at her drawings and try to absorb her fantastic drawing skills into my brain.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

cold season

Towards The Horizon
Towards the Horizon by Phillip Klinger

Perhaps it's because I've been living in Minnesota for 7 years and have built myself a strange dual mentality of "I HATE THIS WEATHER / I chose to live here to I better get over it", but whenever I hear the woes of people living in balmier states getting a few inches of snow I have to scoff. Yesterday it was EIGHTEEN DEGREES BELOW ZERO. My car literally protested starting up, although I really can't blame it. Someone mentioned the "January" thaw the other day and I felt far too hopeful that this would happen soon. I'm not asking for 80 degree weather and a pool with a cabana (although I wouldn't say no...), I just want it to be, say, 20 degrees above zero. Heck, I'd be okay with 18.

In preparation, though, for when this cursed icy tundra does start to melt a tidbit, I've begun to think about late winter clothing. The floppy hat in particular is calling out to me... although it might be a trap (see: suspenders). Backpacks are also on my mind, altough I'll save that particular obsession for another post.

(hat:miss selfridges, yuketen backpack: madwell, booties: kurt geiger, sweater dress: marc my marc jacobs, polka dot tights: opening ceremony, sunglasses: h&m, snood scarf: heine, belt: calypso st. barth)

Saturday, January 15, 2011



For some reason I kept thinking "New Years resolutions. They're so lame, I don't need to do THOSE this year".... and then, as if in an act of defiance for being such a weirdo, my brain started coming up with them. So I actually don't think they're lame at all.

.........and then I found five dollars!!!!

Without further ado, my list:
+floss more
+get another tattoo (sorry mom!)
+cook even more
+use new color palettes in my illustrations
+start taking film photos (I've already got two rolls of film to develop from my new holga!! NERVOUS)
+get fancier pajamas
+write a web comic about my alter ego, Moomie. Yes, this is actually a real thing that I actually want to do.
+make more art in general!!



Sunday, January 9, 2011

week end

sunday breakfast

ahhh, back into the regular routine. 5 day weeks, 2 day weekends, no more christmas tree. It's sort of sad to leave the holidays behind, but once the transition is over it can be a relief.

I still am in hermit-mode, with most of my nights involving sitting on our (new!) couch and watching movies and tv. We've watched MicMacs (cute), Please Give (very cute), and about four more episodes of Boardwalk Empire (dang that show is good).

Today is shaping up to be pretty good so far, too. I've got breakfast (toast with laughing cow cheese and jam, and a hardboiled egg) and later I will probably buy myself a new robe or bake a cake. Or both.

sunday breakfast

a rose is a rose

In other news I did some design work for the positively charming Rebecca Brown over at we are large, people and in thanks she sent me a bevy of goodies, including a handmade slip... which I still need to photograph properly. I'm so excited to wear it under everything when it gets warm out.

the end! happy 2011