Sunday, May 1, 2016

young americans

 Hello hello! I come to you, oh interwebs, with an offering of FUN! I recently worked with American girl to whip up a set of illustrations revolving around a super rad summer kick off party! I read American Girl as a kid and it was a complete and total dream to get to work on my first piece for them.

Here's another little snippet from the article! Go find it at your local bookstore to see all the pieces I did - there's quite a few! Oh, and I illustrated a fortune teller (you may know it as a cootie catcher) insert that is so dang cute I can't even handle it.

In other April/May news:

-My extra talented husband has been working on a monthly Spotify playlist project, which are SO GOOD seriously. Follow him, you will not regret it. Here's a link to May's playlist, how handy. He also makes cover art for each one, those you can find on his instagram

-I participated in another Light Grey Art Lab show - Botanica! I chose to illustrate the blackthorn, because it has some sweet witchy connotations. You can buy a print of my piece here.