Friday, August 30, 2013

tool time

I find it hard to believe, but it's quickly nearing a year for me as a freelancer. It seems like yesterday that I started out on my own. It hasn't been easy, but I've learned a lot along the way - and there's still so much more to learn! For instance, if anyone has any tips on how not to panic every day during a dry spell PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I think I'm finally coming out of it, but it's been a little scary these past couple months.

A year, I realize, is hardly anything in the scope of a career, but since I've made it this far I wanted to celebrate a little.... and what better way than to highlight some of my daily routine and favorite tools?

breakfast /  It's the most important meal of the day, doncha know? It's also my favorite meal, there are so many different options! Pancakes! Hashbrowns! Bacon! Fruit! Coffee! Mimosas! But of course, during the work week I try to keep it simple (and non-alcoholic!). 

This week's breakfast "jams" (haha):
-Iced coffee, made from Trader Joe's cold press concentrate. It's making my life so much easier guys.
-Yogurt! Nom nom nom.
-Toasted baguette with my secret raspberry jalapeño jam that I only ever find at Kowalskis.

pens + pencils /  Years and years of buying art supplies leads any artist to become weirdly specific about their drawing utensils. Personally I like mechanical pencils - there's something about that always sharp point that I cannot get enough of. 

other favorite drawin' tools:
-my wacom bamboo (pictured)! Works perfectly, and the tablet has a touchpad feature that you can turn on and off easily... which is nice when you accidentally leave your mouse on all the time and it runs out of batteries... not like I do that or anythingggggg
-Staedtler Mars plastic eraser, for all those mistakes 
-Pigma Graphic 1, a beautiful felt tip pen with archival ink that is perfect for consistent line quality.
-Kuretake Zig Letter Pen (pictured). Here is the thing about Japanese pens: THEY ARE AMAZING. This pen has a dreamy slightly flexible nib for varying line weight, AND you can buy different body colors and different ink refill colors! AH what a dream.

computer things /  When you don't work around other human beings it's good to have the aid of your computerized friends!

-NETFLIX. If if I don't meet a friend during the day to work at a coffee shop or to chat over lunch I will generally turn on a TV show over lunch. It's a nice mental break, and I'm able to catch up on shows that Bryan wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.... like FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. How did I live so long without this charming program in my life?! Landry (for the lols) and Riggins (for the hots) alone make it worth the watch. 

-Clocked is the result of my exhaustive pouring over every single time keeping app in the app store. This guy is simple to use, not too many bells and whistles to mess me up and pretty to boot! It even reminds me to take a breather ever once in awhile... and has made keeping track of my hours so much easier.

-Spotify! This one is a no brainer, right? I am not a CD collector by any means, so Spotify is the best way for me to keep up with new music AND satisfy my need for some good ol' bad top 40 tunez.

-89.3 The Current, aka my other way to listen to music without buying CDs. Wherever my life takes me, I will be a lifelong member of Minnesota Public Radio because of this little station. Even if you don't live in Minnesota you should give their livestream a try.. the scope of music they play might surprise you!

Do you work from home? What keeps you on task and excited every day?

Friday, August 23, 2013

full moon

Okay children of the VHS era. (and beyond, I suppose), how many of you had a movie that you always put on when you stayed home sick from school? Like chicken noodle soup and a couch full of blankets, it's something comforting that you know you can count on when you feel like crap.

The NeverEnding Story was definitely my sick movie. My mom probably realized that it had the great combo of being long for a children's movie, excitement, fun creatures, and a pretty princess. What else do you need?! That's all I could think about when the Silver Screen Society asked me if I'd do a piece based on the movie for this month's series. Sorry Atreyu & Artax, I know you guys are the tops but the Childlike Empress is totally my jam. I mean, just look at this shot from her set. THAT DRESS. I die.

I also sized this piece so you can print it out and use it as a BOOKMARK. OOOOH, AHHH! Just in case, you know, you want to go out and read the book version. Download the hi-res bookmark file here.

Since it's Friday and maybe you need some tunes to jam out to, here are a couple songs I listened to in order to get into the Moonchild state of mind.

clogs - cocodrillo

the dirty projectors + björk - on and ever onward

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

island in the sun

After traveling to Michigan (Canton -> Charlevoix -->Beaver Island) for a week and then California for a long weekend shortly after I am finally home. Being away from home for so long was pretty hard, I'm the kinda girl that likes the feel of her own bed, no matter how cheap the mattress is. Don't get me wrong though, both trips were AMAZING. 

Beaver Island has been my family's home away from home since I was a little kid. We'd go up there for two weeks every single summer... until I had an AWFUL 7 year hiatus which came to an end this summer. Along with my newly engaged brother and his rad lady we drove up to the tip of the mitten, took a ferry and arrived on this enchanted place. I keep telling people that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to express the strange wonderfulness of Beaver Island, but it's true. It's a small town, it's an artistic community, it's a haven for wierdos... I don't know, you have to just go experience it yourself. 

We can talk about Los Angeles and my Katie-filled weekend later, but for now let's look at some photos from Michigan.

mitten jokes

Beaver Island Beaver Island
Beaver Island Beaver Island
clockwise: the emerland islander sets sail / dad's dilly beans & hot dogs / jake on the big rock / after fishing

Beaver Island
the view from our deck

Beaver Island Beaver Island
local flora / protar's tomb

Beaver Island
don't worry, that's a bb gun