Wednesday, September 23, 2009

shop around

back to school

in case you haven't seen it yet, alli and i have updated the shop with plenty of items for the coming school year - like a sweet jumper and a monogrammed cardigan, and more will be on their way!

Whenever we do these big updates, I always get to shopping for myself... today I'm yearning for bib necklaces.

cookoorikoo's is so lovely and charming, but there are TONS of them on etsy that I cannot help but squeal over. THAT ONE, oh, no! THIS ONE! OR THIS ONE?! Want plz.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

work in progress


this is probably a combination of my just signing the lease for a little fixer-upper artists studio and then seeing this lovely nursery and thinking to myself "If I could decorate a room just for me, I'd definitely put that frickin' awesome fake alligator head in it."

And then I decided to play the "Lets Pretend You've Got Big Dollars to Spend" with my dream studio as a theme.

+It would definitely be a combination of old but architectural (like the chair & the flat file) and modern design (including the invisible book shelves and the urban outfitters couch).

+The first thing I'd buy would most certainly be that beauty of a desk, by Wintercheck Factory. It's basically perfect - room for me to put my papers and bills, and enough room to draw. I'd probably want an extra table for a printer/scanner, too...

+LOTS of random tchotchkes. I'd want plenty of great vintage mugs and TONS of stuff by Harry Allen - especially that piggy bank.

+Grey and white walls (paint swatches are Sherwin Williams) with great colorful curtains.

of course, I'd also want my dream studio to look like it was something right out of the Selby. How great is Thomas Lelu's?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

life drawing


one of my favorite illustrators/similarly named ladies, gemma correll recently started a great alternative to wardrobe remix (my #1 guilty pleasure), a what i wore today community... for drawings only! It's been a pretty big help in wanting me to draw every day, which I've had a hard time doing as of late. It's also fun to see such wonderful illustrators as Lizzy Stewart and Jen Collins.

If you'd like to see just a smattering of Gemma's faves, also check out the blog.

Maybe you should join, too!

chain of fools

nope, my newfound love for bracelets hasn't died yet. And yes, this one by neaware on etsy is making me blush with wish listy goodness. My birthday, it is mere months away.

Perhaps it is because I am just now realizing that the wrist is a lovely area to play up, but I just cannot get over seeing a lovely bracelet on a lovely limb! However, I have a strangely wide knuckle area but small wrist, so for me the bracelets have to be clasp-only. For the sake of my knuckles.

(this one from mpaperarts makes my list of wishes, too.)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


got it!

the key

A lot of my friends and (very wonderful and accepting) parents already know, but last Sunday I GOT A TATTOO. It was a very strange experience - definitely a tad painful, but I didn't cry... so not too bad? For a very long time I was extremely sure I'd never get a tattoo, but for about a year now I have been considering one, and I finally took the plunge.

I designed it myself - it's based on a key that goes to my bedroom in my parent's house, which I love very much. It's a wonderful house, and I wanted something very personal. SO VOILA. It's finally healing, lots of gross peely skin.