Monday, October 21, 2013

something wicked this way comes

YEP, that's right, another Halloween themed post. Apparently my most productive holidays for blogging are Valentine's Day and Halloween, and I'm not sure what that says about me.

In reality I just realized I hadn't made a gif in awhile and I also hadn't posted a playlist in awhile and now I have both! This spooky playlist has been in the works for about a year (I posted some of the songs on it two years ago, actually... shhh) but I think I'm finally happy enough with it to share... although that doesn't mean I'll stop adding to it anytime soon!

I want to give a special shout out to that Chelsea Wolfe song. If you haven't given Chelsea Wolfe a try and you're a fan of spooky girl vocals then run, do not walk, to her discography.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

role play, baby!

Time for a little nerdery on the bloggie! Thought I can't claim myself to be a hardcore gamer or fantasy fan, I have my moments of Skryim/Game of Thrones/Dungeons & Dragons/Redwall (childood, whattup) obsessions. I'm also obsessed with the Light Grey Art Lab over in Minneapolis. Just when I think they've topped themselves with a show idea they come up with a new call for art that gets my creative juices flowing.

Role Models is the next show from LGAL that I'm participating, a combination self portrait/role playing/card game show at that! Each artist was tasked with choosing a task, an alignment, and a back story that somehow tied back to themselves and make a piece of art that would then go into a fun strategy card game. Go buy the game, go buy a print of my piece or some of the other AMAZING work made for this show, or go figure out a costume to wear to the opening on Friday!

the original sketch / a detail of her sweet awesome headband.

Above is Ermintrude, the Dark Empress of Blankets. I chose a cleric because they seem the most closely related to my real self, but then decided to make her evil - because bad guys are always my favorite! I imagine Ermintrude controlling her horde of undead and traveling from town to town, collecting more blankets so she can be as comfy as possible. There are never enough blankets, buddies.

I completed this artwork quite awhile ago, so for funskies I did a little sketch of our intrepid cleric trying not to mess up her best traveling blanket/cloak as she searches for new loot. And now I kind of wish I had come up with this sketch earlier and used it for my final piece but WHATEVS, FOMO FOREVER.

ps speaking of nerd things who's buying the new pokemon game? No lies, I really want to play it.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

current events

 Ben & Bill
the invitation / boys at the altar

Since I still haven't used up any of the film I started in August (!!) I'm here today to update you with some phone photos and general talk.

Perhaps you've seen the invitation I worked on for their wedding, but back in August two of my best buddies Bill and Ben got married on Ben's grandparent's farm in Iowa. Friends and family gathered together to celebrate a super amazing couple, and after the I do's there was nary a dry eye in the house! I might be getting a little misty writing about it right now, that's how special these fellas are to me.

Of course then we all partied down and after the last beer was imbibed a few of us retired to tents and spent the night under the stars on the farm. It was SO MUCH FUN, is what I'm really trying to say.

Ben & Bill Ben & Bill
fashion roundup! katie, me & alli

Ben & Bill
cute chance is cute

Ben & Bill Ben & Bill
wedding prep buddies / tent in the morning

Other life things worth nothing
-Made my very first batch of jam, strawberry and sriracha flavored. Surprisingly good.
-If you missed out on my buddy Scout Vintage's pop up shop you should feel sad, but not for long, because you can shop online!
-I have been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf NONSTOP. The addition of QR codes so you can share your custom fashions is such a great idea. In case you're playing, here are great roundups of mens & mostly ladies codes.
-Saw Gravity, was awed and very terrified.
-Read this article on the Twin Cities dating scene, rolled eyeballs so hard they fell out of my head


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

pattern pals #7: halloweenie

 Phew! With the start of fall came a whirlwind of developments for me, the largest being a big on-site contract job that requires a somewhat lengthy commute. As such I've let this poor bloggie slip to the side, poor little thing!

No matter, Katie and I have plans, PLANS I TELL YOU - and one of them was to make a new pattern celebrating the spooky season. Here, take some freebie wallpapers of my haunted crow pattern:

ipad / iphone / tile

And I've got an almost all black everything spooktacular outfit to go along with it. Incidentally if anyone wants to buy me all these things I would be very thankful.