Friday, November 28, 2014


Ahhh, Thanksgiving. Perhaps my favorite holiday? Shh, don't tell Halloween. Or Christmas. Or any of them really, I love all holidays.

ANYWAYYYY this was our first Los Angeles Thanksgiving, and it was a successful one. Prosecco was imbibed, deviled eggs were noshed on, pups were petted, turkey was consumed. Even though it was in the 80s until sunset I could feel myself getting into the winter holiday spirit.

Our contributions were cranberry relish (how I love thee) and roasted sweet potatoes with a spicy coconut creme fraiche. Doing research on a sweet potato dish reminded me of how hilarious the word tuber really is. Well done, little sweet potato, well done.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Some random snippets of life, my favorite thing to post when I don't have anything better to post but really want to put something on the blog. BAM TRUTH BOMB.

Best car I've seen in LA / Painting Katie's new place

Still regret not buying this for the cover alone

Tasty Thai in South LA / Housewarming at Katie's aforementioned new place!

Sunday, November 2, 2014


So my plan was to post photos of my brother and new sister-in-law's entire wedding suite as soon as we returned from the wedding itself... back in August.... and now it's November....

Yeah, a little late on that game. But better late than never? Right guys? Kelly and Jacob decided on a constellation theme pretty early on, which gave me plenty of time to work that into all their suite. All in all I ended up creating a save the date, invitation, map & reception card, RSVP card, escort cards, table numbers, the program, a return address stamp and some chalkboard art.

Listing that out it looks like a lot, but trust me dudes: this was a a fun one. Both the making of the suite and the attending of the wedding! We partied our patoots off until Bryan and I hobbled back to my parent's house to sleep forever.

I'm a big sucker for maps, so making this little fella detailing some of the great things to do in my great hometown was extra fun. Seriously though, if you go to Ann Arbor and you don't stop into at least ONE of these places I fully pity you.

And of course, congrats to Jacob and Kelly. It feels really wonderful to finally have a sister!

p.s. if you're getting married and want to talk invites, save the dates and more feel free to contact me: etrithart(at)gmail(dot)com! I don't have any rigid package structure, so we can work with your budget.