Thursday, March 27, 2014

over easy

Sigh! This is the first year in quite a long time that I won't be celebrating brunch season (friends brucnh is well documented) with all my buddies. I look forward to it every year thanks to the sheer amount of food, friends and mimosas... AND PARTY POTATOES. I know, you don't know what party potatoes are. I forgive you, you truly don't know what you're missing.

But now I'm in another state! So instead of sit around and bemoan my lack of party potatoes (and the buddies that go along with them) I  decided to make a fun brunch invitation that anyone can use! For free! I know, I am truly the kindest of people. It's not like I love drawing rabbits, no sir. They are not the cutest rodent lagomorph known to man, not at all. 

AND, if you're having a brunch with children (of any age) invited, I also made a fun little sticker sheet! You can get full page sticker paper at Office Max or Staples or online and cut them out with an exacto knife. 

So go! Invite your friends to a brunch and make sure someone brings deviled eggs.

Easter Stickers

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

orange you glad

Starting last Sunday we drove from Minnesota to Iowa to Nebraska to Colorado to Nevada to Utah to a tiny bit of Arizona and finally to California. We are exhausted but happy- now it's time to focus on getting the apartment together and finding work.

In case you're wondering, we stayed at the Golden Gate Casino in Las Vegas, which is in the "old" section of Vegas. We eventually made our way over to strip, but I enjoyed the Container Park (plenty of artsy shops and bars) and the Fremont Street Experience (weird light shows? tiny bayou themed coin slot machine casinos? yes) the most. The hotel itself was kind of a mess though, so I'd recommend finding lodging elsewhere.

motivation messages / before and after: madness and empitness


various sights along the road: car (not even all the way packed yet), food, cat, mountains

Vegas niceties 

Final destination

 And! A bonus video from the passenger window:

Thursday, March 6, 2014

date book

I've been working on several wedding invitation projects for the past few months - they've been such a blast and I'm lucky enough to know at least one person out of every couple, so of course that makes them even more special. They're all wrapping up (except for my brother's wedding suite, which you'll get to see later!) so I thought I'd post a couple!

Each one of these features some hand lettering, which is what really draws me to custom wedding invitations. If this is what you think you want in your wedding invitation (or baby shower invitation or 80th birthday party invitation etc etc etc) you should contact me

p.s. We've successfully arrived in LA! Once my head stops spinning I'll be sure to post about it.