Saturday, June 26, 2010

summer school

If you're wondering what I have been doing with my summer, here is your answer:

1) First I started a new job, which is great although they use PC's and I am getting used to doing all my Photoshop & Illustrator key commands with the Control button instead of the Apple button. I feel my poor laptop whimpering at the mere thought of it.

2) For about month I'm also working my once-a-year summer job at my old college, keeping an eye on high school students who stay in the dorms for a couple weeks and get a taste of what art school might be like. I love this job everso much, as it mostly entails hanging out with my friends, playing four square, and making art. (p.s. do you know -or are you- an artsy high schooler between the ages of 16-19 who would like to stay at a sweet art school for two weeks with like-minded high schoolers? SEND THEM TO SUMMER EXPRESSIONS SESSIONS aka SES!)

The weather has also been crazygonuts bonkers as of late. There was a flash flood in Minneapolis last night, and if the school wasn't situated at the top of a hill we probably would have been SUBMERGED.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

suit up


I am having hot swimsuit flashes. These floral swimsuits (outside suits from Anthropologie and center suit from J Crew) are so girly and dreamy, everyone would know you were a classy lady if you were wearing one of these. Although... does anyone have any experience with strapless one-pieces? That seems like a "OMG SO EMBARRASSING!! I was standing right in front of my crush and five of his cutest friends!!!!!" moment you send to Seventeen Magazine waiting to happen.

Not that I can really afford any of these babies. Maybe I should just settle for these vintage floral sunglasses instead...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

french doors

(from another mag)

My girl crush on Charlotte Gainsbourg is growing exponentially. Great music, bilingual, artsy films AND the most beautiful parents in the world. What's not to like?

Alsooo I know, these last three posts or so have been DUDS. After I got back from New York I started a new job and my annual summer gig (SES!) started, so I've been commuting like a mad woman and hanging out with cool people for keeps. So please, enjoy the beautiful music of Charlotte Gainsbourg and don't think about how boring my blog is.

Charlotte Gainsbourg's "Time of the Assassins" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

(jane and serge!)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

got it made

How inspiring is p.s. I made this? So simple, but I never would have thought of HALF of these amazing d.i.y. home & fashion projects. I want to make a golden crocodile, I wonder if the boy would go for it......

Friday, June 4, 2010

spice of life

infinite sangria!

Summer time gets me in very specific moods. Generally they revolve around food, like "i'm going to make my own jam this year!" or "i'm going to make my own iced coffee this year so i can have it all the time!" or "i'm going to make so much rhubarb crisp this year it's not even funny"..... and then it never happens.

BUT MARK MY WORDS, PEOPLE. This year I am going to (1) make my own salsa and (2) make various alcoholic and nonalcoholic fancy drinks. They will not take up too much time or money. They will be delicious. They will be mine.

My salsa recipe requirements are getting lengthy: spicy, savory salsas ONLY (I really detest sweet salsas), preferably cooked tomatoes, and no avocados (I love 'em, but the boy is allergic). Thus the ones I'm considering include this one from Serious Eats, one All Recipes, or something fancy like this one from epicurious or this one from food& wine magazine.

SO MANY CHOICES. Anybody know a good one?