Saturday, September 27, 2014


Hey bloggy buddies! Someone has been a neglectful blog poster. Not going to point any fingers or anything. I actually really enjoy updating my blog but I'm also bad at keeping up with stuff like this, and if I can't think of anything to post right away I normally push it to the side. Gonna try to be better - hopefully there will be plenty to post about in the coming months.

Like this illustration above! Bright had a fantasy fiction campaign a couple weeks back, and I decided to make a cool teen elf with an interest in alchemy. Purple hair, don't care. She seems cool right? I made her a playlist of vaguely magic-y songs for her magical crytal iPod, because that's apparently what I do for fun.

If you do nothing else please listen to that track by SZA, or at least go watch her dance around like a cutie. She is kinda my favorite right now.

In other news, it's been about half a year since we moved to California. Perhaps I'm due to make another update soon!