Thursday, April 30, 2015


Look, I tried my darndest to edit this thing down to 4 or 5 photos, and I failed. I FAILED OKAY?!

jk this is my blog I do what I want! And now I'm a married lady, so I can do even more of what I want, right? Huh? But really, before I talk about this marvelous day let me get it out there: Jonny Edwin is an AMAZING photographer and human being. Hire him for all your amazing photography needs.

Anyway, back to the whole wedding thing. Bryan and I have been together for 9 years, and it feels so awesome to have tied the knot. We celebrated with a small group of friends and family at the Salt Cave MPLS, W.A. Frost and finally finished the night at Alli's place where we danced our patoots off. I could go on and on and on about how wonderful it was and how amazing all our friends are, but I would go on forever and you might be a little bored.

p.s. you should get married at the salt caves too. LOOK. AT. THIS. PLACE.

p.p.s. Bryan designed our invitations and we had them printed by Dee & Lala - all of which will certainly be expanded upon at a later date.

INSTAGAM ROUNDUPPPPPP! Click the photo to find the photographer.

Monday, April 27, 2015


Good morning, internet! I made this animated gif for my buddies that threw me the greatest surprise bachelorette party known to man. I actually ended up having TWO bachelorette parties - one in LA (the surprise) and one in Minnesota, and they were both seriously the best. Pizza was ingested, karaoke was performed, bingos were gotten and friends were awesome.

Look, I know it's Monday and you are not currently having your own bachelorette party (and if you are please reconsider your decision to read my blog when you should be living it up), but don't worry guys! YOU CAN DO IT. TODAY WILL BE GREAT. Think about pugs and flower crowns and animated gifs and WRITE THAT E-MAIL.

If this gif isn't enough, if your morning has been particularly morning-y, then let me recommended you google "flower crown dog" and let that take you away to a happy place. "Flower crown cat" also turned up some fantastic results.

Friday, April 24, 2015

pins & needles

Good morning! HAPPY FRIDAY GUYZ. I'm spending today in my studio (aka tiny corner of my apartment) working hard like this little lady above.

There's been some radio silence on the blog, as last week I totes got MARRIED. It was marvelous and beautiful and tasty and fun and I will most likely be sharing some photos next week because I can't help myself. 

But in the meantime enjoy your weekend and wear some bright colors for my hedgehog friend here. She told me my wardrobe has way too much black and grey and needs some sprucing up, but also knows that I never listen.