Wednesday, May 28, 2014

california dreamin

thanks to laura we snagged a couple free tickets to the huntington gardens, and it was glorious

Obviously this blog is mostly about sharing my art, but it's also a personal blog and I haven't really been posting too many visual representations of our new life here in La La Land. It's been an entirely new experience moving to a new, vastly different city in my adult life. I thought I had a little experience moving from Michigan to Minnesota for college, but that was essentially like dipping my toes into the kiddie pool and slooowwwllyyy wading in. I'm a midwest girl, and moving to California was like jumping into the deep end and then losing my bikini top. 

That is to say, it's been awesome and a little shocking! 

So here, some visual stimuli for you. We've been here for just about three months and have already had three sets of visitors, all of whom I love: My parents & brother (who was living in San Diego for a few months, so we visited him too!), Alli & Alex, and Bill, Ben & John. See if you can spot them, it'll be like Where's Waldo but for people you possibly don't actually know.

venice foliage LA sunset
gorgeous foliage in venice & silverlake

taking a walk
taking a walk with some fashionable fellas

Disney San Diego
a trip to disney animation studios / the aquarium in san diego

San Diego
more san diego - we saw a guy catch a bebe shark here? he took a selfie and then threw it back in the ocean

Malibu meyer lemon olive oil cake
malibu treats: sandy crabcakes / I would take up residency at sqirl if I could afford it

Rose Bowl
took a tour of the rosebowl with the fam, found some modern art disguised as an abandoned sign

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Not much to say right now - it's too hot! Here, have a couple critters. Gotta catch 'em all!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

in the pink

Yes, the requisite amount of time has past for step one of my hair cycle (the love it would never change it step) and I am now onto step two: oh my god I need change right now. Thanks to some particularly large monetary setbacks (turns out moving across the country and starting over again in los angeles is SPENDY) I'm not in a place where a big change is possible.... but a girl can dream right?

ABOUT PINK HAIR. YEAH, I know, I'm cray. Shouldn't I have gotten the crazy hair feels out of my system by 23? I did dye my hair jet black in college but we never speak of that. And here I am at 28, totally jonesing for some sweet pastel pink hairs ala Alyssa over at xovain. That color! Such perfection. Alas, I have the darkest of dark hair and to get that sort of pink I'd probably have to fry my hair up with something bleach-y first. 

Also that has to be expensive to keep up with, right? Especially for people like me that don't trust themselves with an at-home dye kit.

Instead I'm going to save my pennies and work on mermaid hair (aka no haircuts) and then splurge on some pink ends like Diane Kang, super hair goddess, did. My ends are mostly already lighter, so it shouldn't be as intense as going pink all over... plus if I end up realizing the error of my ways I can just chop it off! 

I will keep you updated, dear blog. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Emma Trithart

LE SIGH. Another session of Make at that Sells is drawing to an end. At least the last assignment was loads of fun - party paper inspired by Bavarian and Ukranian folk art? Yes okay! I had a good time doing image research - check out the National Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art if you want to spend some time looking at some truly gorgeous textiles.

I'm super happy with my final product too! Because I'm a crazy person I made a repeating pattern for the napkin design, even though that wasn't really necessary. YOU'RE WELCOME, NO ONE.

Now I'm thinking about summer parties (did I mention it's been over 90 degrees pretty much all week? HOT, DYING OF SWEAT) and all that fun stuff. My party supplies might look nice at a summer BBQ with a vaguely European slant, ja? Please throw such a party and invite me. Here are some recipes to get you started:
Pigs in a Blanket / Dill Pickles / Spicy Shandy / Raspberry Tart