Saturday, August 21, 2010

shipe shape

dazzle painting plan

I think I may have found something that my brother and I could collaborate on. The thing about my little brother is that we are mostly opposites - he is very tall, good at math, excels in music (trombone! sousaphone! piano!), and actually went to college for something that will make him money.... NAVAL ARCHITECTURE AND MARINE ENGINEERING. (The only reason I remember this incredibly long and difficult sounding major is that you can shorten it to NAME.) There's little overlap in our fields... except for DAZZLE CAMOUFLAGE

Dazzle camoflage was created by a British marine artist that, instead of making the ship difficult to see, made it difficult to determine the size, speed, and direction the boat was heading. If I was a bad guy and I saw one of these things comin' towards me I would also surely be terrified by my enemy's excellent taste.

Dazzle camo has also been used for personal ships, including a yacht designed by Jeff Koons and the amazing DAZZLE LASER SAILBOAT whose name I may never get over.

So Jacob: lets design a floating modern art museum/ cruise ship. It'll be great, I promise.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

poster child

poster mania!

No report card this weekend, namely because someone kept someone else up all night on thursday because of a storm.. (I'll give you a hint: it was me) and thus Bryan and I were extra tired on Friday night. We got some pizza and made some drinks and watched the last two episodes of season two of the Wire. (SIDE NOTE: How can a show simultaneously make me so excited to watch more and depressed about the characters that I know will probably die? ITS SO GOOD WATCH IT NOW).

But LAST WEEKEND my wonderful friend Bill and I printed some posters for an upcoming poster show that we are participating in. I've actually only silk screened once before in my life, and that was my senior year of HIGH SCHOOL and it was really only one color.... so this was quite a new experience! It was so much fun though.

poster mania!poster mania!

poster mania!

poster mania!

Poster Offensive!

p.s. if you a givin' kind of person, we've got a kickstarter page where you can pledge some $$$ towards our show - and get a poster back! Also, if Bill and I manage to sell enough posters to break even on what we spent on supplies, I plan on donating my half to the gulf coast. YEAH!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

report card

Friday... it seems like it was a long time ago. Perhaps that's because next Friday is happening soon. I was actually going to write this yesterday, but while I was in the process of uploading images this ginormous bolt of lightening struck SUPER NEAR the building and I freaked out.

eating a brat for lunch, fancy cheese later on in the day // wearing my new gold belt I got at a vintage scavenger sale // setting up my new air plant // finding the strangest seed pod I have ever seen.... it looked like a little squirrel tail with seeds in it! We also drank tequila I got from work and ate wings at our neighborhood bar, but that didn't get documented...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

reading rainbow

I actually took pictures for the report card, but those will be uploaded later - today I woke up late (8:42!! a luxury), lounged in bed and drank coffee and read some new-to-me blogs (or, as bryan just referred to them, "your damn bloogs") that I am 100% crushing on. Examples:

big bang studio belongs to lily stockman, and chronicles her life as an artist and a traveler of the US - she's going on a monthlong vacation with her husband and dogs in a totally sweet Scamp trailer that they fixed up. Her version of the desert gets me all "i want to go to there", and her recipes have made me famished.

How is it that I have gone all my blog reading life without knowing about sweetfineday? I spent an entire morning last weekend going through backlog after backlog of posts about food (jenna's husband is a baker and ice cream maker and delicious looking lemonade concocter), her adorable kids (and that's a compliment... as I generally do not find any child adorable), and her life in NYC (jealous beyond belief).

Did you know that I like comics? Okay, I only read them occaisonally (am still working on getting that last Scott Pilgrim!), but Hark, A Vagrant is my #1 fave right now. Kate Beaton writes comics about history, literature, LOST, Canadians (she is one), apathetic crime solving teens, and so much more! And they're all funny.

What are you reading?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

camera obscura

Well, it finally happened. After pining after my friends iphones and blackberries endlessly, dreaming checking my e-mail surreptitiously without having to bring out the computer, checking into four square, actually being able to DO something with the pictures I take on my phone.... I GOT A SMARTPHONE. And it is lovely. (a droid incredible, for those curious. I highly recommend it so far.)

My current obsession is the toy camera/polaroid application. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

p.s. yes, we got a set of mounted antlers for the wall. I found them at a giant sprawling flea market during my yearly pilgrimage there (three years in a row!), and they happened to be exactly what I was looking for at the right price point (i.e. cheaptown). However, there are many to be found on etsy... that last one is my fave.