Thursday, October 6, 2011



Thursday roll call! Time to spill my guts about the things that have been occupying my noggin:

 -FANCY. GRILLED. CHEESES. I stumbled upon Grilled Cheese Social (the name alone is too good to be true) last week and haven't looked back since. Bryan and I are in charge of dinner one night for an upcoming Bryan-family vacation, and we've decided that we should do fancy grilled cheese night. This, of course, means we have to test out a lot of the recipes on GCS. OH THE HUMANITY.

-Uh, do you guys know about Carson Ellis, aka My Favorite Illustrator? If not, go to her website and then come back here after you've enjoyed it. Now that you've done that, check out Wildwood - a new young adult fantasy novel that she created with her husband, aka Colin Meloy of the Decemberists. Yep. It's awesome.

 -Finding the perfect knee-high, short heel, warm brown, leather boot with some sort of buckle accent but NOT TOO MUCH and also preferably under $200. Having Zappos at my fingertips does not help me narrow my search down. The boots pictured above are from J. Crew are, as is to be expected, not in my price range. Heck, I don't even know if they're the perfect pair!

-In other seasonal clothing quests, I need a new winter coat. And I want a pair with toggles. The coat pictured above is from Anthropologie, and considering it costs less that those boots I am SO ready to pop on it.

-Did you see Drive? I have seen it twice. The Gosling (as I have taken to affectionately calling him) is everso attractive in it - that jean jacket? Be stillllll my heart. The soundtrack has been stuck in my head nonstop.

-Pop up dinner parties! Surprise surprise, considering I'm in love with everything Oh Happy Day! right now. She hosted a great little pop-up dinner party in Paris (jels) and also wrote a small article on the Real Simple Blog about a HUGE pop-up dinner party that has its roots in Paris. Until someone plans a Dîner en Blanc in St. Paul, I'll have to stick to planning my own pop-up dinner party. I think a fall themed on in the park nearby on the hill would be wonderful. Guess I've got to read up on the St. Paul laws for their parks! (edit: also check out Kinfolk's magazine and blog for more beautiful party ideas.)

What's taking up your brain space?


  1. have you checked out piperlime for boots? they have some cute ones...even uner $100!

  2. oooh yeah gotta see DRIVE still - it looks amazing. man i love me some ryan g! and i think you should totally go for that coat - but on a side note, we have LOTSA good thrift down here in Madison- if you're ever in the area you are likely to find a coat like it at a fraction of the price!

  3. Your blog is adorable! I'm so happy I found it! Also, I'm loooooooving your illustrations. As for the toggle coat from Anthro I think you definitely need it. And as for The Gosling I have no words for that boy. He is TOO MUCH.