Sunday, November 24, 2013

film club


Summer feels like eons ago, but a few weeks ago I finally developed a roll of film from my Olympus point & shoot that had be going strong all season. This little baby captured 4th of July, a trip to the cabin, Beaver Island, California AND Ben and Bill's wedding. A little summer time capsule, if you will. It was pretty great, so here's a roundup of those photos plus a few from my Superheadz camera.

And what a relief it was to see that the photo of this "monster" bass I caught on Beaver Island turned out okay! Don't worry, my dad did a great job of removing the hook and fish whispering this little guy back to his home, no fish dinners for us!

a-frame living is the best living, amiright





Friday, November 1, 2013

class act

When I signed up to take Lila Roger's Make Art That Sells class I was still working from home every day and wanted a little something to challenge myself. I'd seen a lot of amazing work practically pouring out of my peers taking the class and thought to myself "heck, sounds like it's time I took a crack at it".

And then I started that contract job in downtown Minneapolis that sees me leaving the apartment at 7:30 AM and not coming home till about 6:45 PM... the very same week that Lilla's class started. I'm not going to lie guys, a lot of my assignments (and by a lot I mean all of them) have been completed the day before they were due. I really really want to take all that I can from the class but unfortunately I also have a few small freelance gigs that also require my attention.

But I'm still mostly happy with what I've been creating, so I thought I'd give my blog a little looksee. Above is the very first assignment, bolt fabric with a vintage kitchenware and berry theme! It was so much fun, I'm thinking about making prints or cards of it!

The second assignment was to make art for fancy plates using bromeliads as our inspiration. I wound up liking my sketches a LOT better for this one - part of the problem being that I hardly ever like plates with actual art on them... but it was a learning experience nonetheless!

Last week's assignment, a spread for a children's book based on a Russian fairytale. I tried keeping some of my sketch in the final piece at Bryan's suggestion and was really surprised with the outcome. Guess I'll have to play around with that technique some more!

As per usual I'm running VERY behind on this week's assignment... guess I should spend less time blogging and more time working on that, huh? WHOOOOOPSSSS.