Tuesday, January 15, 2013

greener pastures

I just want you to know that, according to the weather channel, it is 29° but feels more like 17°. They also have a slideshow of 25 Dogs in the Snow to Melt Your Heart, but that's neither here nor there. 29° is warm, folks, compared to the last couple of frigid days. All I can do is stare longingly out the window at the clear blue sky and obsessively look at swimsuits online. Major cabin fever, dudes. Major cabin fever. It's no wonder then that I've been finding myself attracted to bright colors big bold shapes (and floral imagery, as always). 

The card above from Mister Boddington (featuring one of my fonts!) really has me thinking about greens. Emerald, after all, is the color of the year! I also focused on simple and bright when the lovely Lisa invited me to participate in her blog, The Scribble Project. Normally I work digitally, but colored pencil felt like the right option for such a fun assignment. Check out the rest of my scribble page, and the whole site! It's chock full of really great artists coming up with creative answers to Lisa's questions.

And, because I couldn't help it, here's my dream shopping spree outfit to incorporate my winter neutrals with some bright colors in hopes for an early spring...

sweater / bracelet / necklace (out of stock from swaychic) / shoes / clutch / skirt

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  1. There is everything I love in this outfit. Comfy sweater! Chunky heels! Geometric jewelry! Bright pop of color (or two)!