Friday, January 25, 2013

pattern pals

MORE PATTERNS, MOOOOREEEEE. My buddy Katie and I decided to start up a "pattern pals" project to help hone in our pattern drawin' abilities. Maybe I'll even level up soon!

We went with a "hot & cold" theme for our first pattern (Katie's is here), since it's been pretty much below zero every day in these parts and a balmy 81 over in Los Angeles/aka Home of Katharine. Next time I promise I wont' have a cute girl in my pattern... I COULDN'T HELP IT OKAY? I just love drawing cute ladies.

Here's the tile, if you want to use this as a desktop background.



  1. I love this. PATTERNS FOREVER. I can't wait to pick out another theme for next week (too soon? let's do it!).

  2. Perhaps you can imagine that I'm excited about this! Will be fun to see lots of patterns from both of you!

  3. Your work is so fantastic,
    I feel like my heart just exploded.

  4. So cute! Love dat cozy cowl.