Saturday, December 31, 2011

back it up (part two)

+boot crazy
+surprise parties with pretzels hanging from the ceiling 
+trips to chicago for fencing, cheese, and deep dish pizza 
+bachelorette parties with wine and crowns


+a wedding (and it was beautiful! 
+croquet and grand ol' day
+cotton candy nail polish 
+friends leaving, friends returning



+cabin lounging
+top knot wearing
+catan 4 ever
+hair experiments


+pancakes, bbqs
+going to the races
+eating out way through the state fair
+working our butts off on freelance
+seeing more plays, loving them all

p.s. I hate to say it, but I've been pretty delinquent in my outfit documenting in these colder months. I don't have much to show for now, but maybe my resolution for 2012 will be to take more photos in general!


  1. I want to dress like you when I grow up. You're the cutest! Have a happy new year :)

  2. So many good outfits in these posts Emma! Loved to reminisce them all! Also, BAW I'm in your best of posts TWICE (or maybe three times if you count the cabin!) Love you lady, here's to another even more awesome year in 2012!