Sunday, October 2, 2011

glass house

Owen on the left, Fillmore on the right.

After going through the traumatic experience of sitting at a certain eye glass retailer and literally hearing the frames (seen in this post) I brought in to be fitted SNAP due to bad quality (they were dried up!), I have given up owning a second pair of vintage frames. Where's a girl to go after her (second) pair of dream glasses die a quick but paintful death? DUH GUYS, duh. Warby Parker! If you have been living under a blog rock, Warby Parker makes really fantastic looking vintage inspired frames and fills 'em with your prescription for a measly $95 (although if your eyes are bad like mine they tack on $30). Added bonuses include the donation of a pair of glasses to someone who needs them with each purchase and completely free home try-on and you've got yourself a perfect company.

I had 5 pairs delivered and three made the final cut. Up there you can see the Owen in Striped Tortoise and the Fillmore in Revolver Black. Because I'm blind as a bat and had a self timer as my photographer I look sort of redonk in every single photo I took, so lets overlook that, hmm? I liked the Filmore quite a lot, but I'm sort of looking for a larger frame to contrast with my current glasses. The Owen was also nice, love that little metal detail! They seemed just a tidbit too boxy for my face, though.

Tenley, in both pictures. Apparently asleep in one picture.

The Tenley in Burgundy Fade really sealed the deal for me in the end. I love the rounded bottom, the size of the frame, and the color is really fantastic. Bryan and some folks on Instagram seem to agree as well! What do you think?

 p.s. Something on the current page is pushing my sidebar alllll the way to the bottom of the page and I cannot figure out what it is!! Any ideas?


  1. they all look great on you, but i really love the tenley's. i have been thinking about trying warby parker's free home try-on. now i think i actually will! i really need new glasses.

  2. i love warby parker! i've done TWO at home try on's and STILL CAN'T decide! specs just gotta be perfect ya know? on you though i have to agree, the tenleys are totally adorable :)

  3. Definitely the Tenley! Its times like this, when Warby Parker creeps into my day-to-day (a couple of my besties have WP pairs) that I wish I had less than perfect vision. I would probably go for the bigger frames too. I like being able to see others' eyes.

  4. Hello Miss Lady Emma-

    Generally I read personal blogs quietly and from a distance... you know, like a creep.

    But it's with such a deep vintage eye glass love in my heart that I have to speak out. Don't give up the vintage eyeglass ship, Emma! In the past few years, I've had 7 pairs of vintage frames turned into great glasses, both normal and sun varieties. Some have turned out kind of crap, one pair was eaten by my dog, but the ones that didn't suffer from having their prescription filled by Wal Mart nor ended up inside some wild beast have been some of the best, best, best investments that I have made.

    I've tried the WP glasses and there is no comparison between the quality of a pair of 1960s plastic frames that have been taken good care of and the cheap-o Chinese plastic glasses-shaped things that WP markets. The real secret is finding an optometrist/retailer that knows how to work with old frames. The place I go to locally charges roughly the same price as WP for filling a script but I know friends who have found online stores that charge as low as $30 and they have been very happy with the quality.

    I'm just spouting this off because I do enjoy (quietly) reading your blog and seeing your creative work but also because I feel some bizarre need to spread the old-glasses gospel. I never liked to wear my glasses until I found a few good, old pairs. Now, I spend nights dreaming of owning a closet full of beautiful specs!


  5. love love LOVE the tenley's! They look great on you!

  6. Thanks everyone for your compliments!

    Liz: I really appreciate your input, and don't worry - I'll never stop getting vintage frames. I just wanted to give something new a try as well.

  7. I'm a little late on the bandwagon but I think the Tenley's do look the best on you. Do you want to come glasses shopping with me? I bought a groupon and desperately need another pair!

  8. Hi Emma! :) The Tenleys for sure!! I actually complimented my friend's glasses and he said they were Warby P's. I asked him if he would mind if I got the same ones in brown (rather than his black)! The men's frames fit me better because, alas, I have a giant head. ;) Thanks for the spectac-ULAR photo shoot! Love me some new glasses, mama.