Monday, April 18, 2011

windy city

Tilt shiftcago!Chicago

It's already been over a week since my mini-Chicago vacay? TIME FLIES, FRIENDS. I had a ton ton ton TON of fun, so much food and a lot of watching my lil' bro do some fancy fencing footwork - and I got to hang with my buddy Molly, who rocks. Here, some photos of said food and said fencing. It was pretty much cloudy or low lighting the whole time I was there, so a good 99% of these photos are BLURRYTOWN.



fencin' brother!

I wish I had a nice DSLR or something fancier than my dinkydink PowerShot to capture the fencing, it was extra exciting and the photos are, as explained previously, extra blurry. The brother did awesome, though - both he and his team placed in the top ten!

"jar" at the cafe des architects

cafe des architects

Lou Malnati's

Oh my god the food. I died of happiness SOOOOOO many times. We had snacks at the cafe des architects, which included some preserved eggplant dip and creme fraiche AND five different cheese samples. The other highlight was mondo deep dish tourist attraction lou malnatis, who impressed me so much with the sweet vinaigrette in our salad that I'm planning on attempting to recreate it this weekend. Oh, and the pizza was worth the hour wait FOR SURE.

Thanks for the awesome times, Chicago! I hope I can come back soon.

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  1. Next time you are in town, lets play!! I love going out and grabbing grub - and I agree sometimes waiting for food (including a slice of deep dish) is worth the wait. I'm so happy you enjoyed your stay!


    Sandy Caribou