Saturday, May 25, 2013

seek & ye shall find

Show of hands, how many of you read food blogs?  EVERYONE DOES, RIGHT? What's better than opening up your web browser of choice and navigating that baby straight on over to a well designed & well photographed utopia of tasty delights!?! 

For the first time I got to participate in the designing of one such blog! Tasteseeker's Kitchen has gone live, and just look at that beaut. Working with Annie & co. on coming up with a charming but simple logo was a blast, and I love seeing it in place now in the midst of Kate's fantastic web design work.

Here are some sketches I provided at the onset. They were a little more image driven, and eventually we simplified the logo down to a more type based design.

Final sketches, and color palette building (a guilty pleasure). 

The final logo! Hello, baby.

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  1. Love seeing the process and your initial sketches! Now to go oggle some delicious food....