Thursday, October 18, 2012


Claire Boucher (aka Grimes) is officially my girl/artist/musician crush of the year. Bryan started listening to her in the spring and I followed quickly - her girlish charm, varying hairstyles and AMAZING crazy music videos are only the tip of the iceberg. This girl has some major musical chops, every single one of her songs appeals to the witchy dance-y vibe that I love. 

AND, as long as her ears stay healthy we're going to see her in concert this coming Monday! AHH I am so excited to see her and dance my brains out. But, and here is a big issue: what will I wear?! This is not your average "wear what you want" concert in my mind, I think I need to step it up. Maybe go just a little nuts in the accessories department? Many outfits will be planned, and I'm evening taking an emergency shopping trip with Alli this weekend.  

In the meantime I present to you one cheap and one spendy outfit... for inspiration. 

dress / vest / bracelets top middle bottom / boots

p.s. I had an illustration of Grimes started as well, but I just lost my wacom tablet pen and can't do anything until I found it! Toots.

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  1. LOVE that first outfit though I'm sure I would look weird in that hat. I can totally picture you in it! The vest and dress in that second outfit are amazing too. Who am I kidding. I also love the boots. I can't wait to see what you decide to wear!