Monday, October 15, 2012

little dipper

Sometimes when I start telling one of my Minnesota friends about a story from my childhood in Michigan it dawns on me that Ann Arbor is a weird and wonderful place. Wait, didn't everyone have a planetarium in their high school? You mean your local businesses don't have "fairy doors" scattered throughout them to find? I guess I took for granted my life in this farmer's market loving, maize and blue sporting town.

Finally, after all my stories, I got to show Ann Arbor off to the boy this weekend! Along with my awesome brother and his awesome lady, we all joined forces at my parent's house during the University of Michigan's homecoming weekend.

Even though I didn't go to the U of M I do feel a particular allegiance to my hometown football team, and the ferocity with which we tailgate. A list of edible things experienced:

-One of the 2,147,483,648 combinations at Blimpy Burger, worth the 30 minute wait
-Cheese shopping at the behemoth Whole Foods
-Beers, pizzas and chacuterie, all created by the Jolly Pumpkin
-Drinks at Ashley's
-Perhaps one too many more drinks at a strange bar hidden in the basement of an office building with the best quality photobooth I've ever seen.
-Fried chicken, oatmeal nobakes, chips and more at a tailgate

We also made a quick visit to the Museum of Natural History, one of my absolute favorite childhood haunts. This place has all that a girl obsessed with dinosaurs and lizards could ask for, and it didn't disappoint my adult self. Weird triangle jellyfish (lower right), fantastic rocks, creepy possum-giving-birth display? yes yes yes, and all with a brightly colored/wood paneled Wes Anderson vibe. 

Three days of fun, and now I'm back in my other home. Minnesota, Michigan, I love you equally.

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