Thursday, October 27, 2011

vitamin e

OH HEYYYYY! Remember that fab weekend I had? And that extra fun Paper Darts party I went to? Well, I didn't want to jinx it but I totally got stopped by the super awesome Ellen Dahl Lawson (of the minneapoline fame) to do a little outfit photo for's fashion column, and the photos are up today! Was that enough links for one blog post? SORRY FRIENDS, I'm just excited. Nothing like feeling like a minor internet celebrity (as fleeting as it may be) to brighten my day.

Also, check out that extra hottie next to me! Regan is one awesome lady, and she looked awesome that night. Big congrats to her for being amazing in all aspects of life!

Okay, excitement over, go back to your regularly scheduled blog reading.


  1. AWESOME!! You are the famous-est person I know!

  2. EMMA. NUH. UH.

    YOU AND REAGAN!?! You both look so cute! AND you look so cozy and winter-adorable. Gotta love that. Congrats, best lady.

    Now I wish I had gone (even moreso than before)!

  3. Hi darlin! I was flipping through my mags last night and saw you!! That is awesome, and you couldn't look cuter! AND, Colin Meloy wrote a book?! What rock have I been living under? Maybe I could borrow it when you're done? I have the children's book that the Crane WIfe is inspired by...we could do a lend/swap? :) And I second Erin's comment: totally the most famous person I know! ;)

  4. First things first- you look amazing and congrats! Secondly, over the summer I got snapped by her and I peeked out quite a bit :) Fun stuff!

  5. And by peeked out I mean geeked out- oops!