Sunday, October 23, 2011

cold season (#1)


I'm bringing in some fashionable ladies I know every once in awhile for the next couple months to talk about what's keeping them going now that fall/winter is upon us. They'll be accompanied by an illustration, because I need to make sure I keep drawing now that fall/winter is upon me! First up is Allison Vallant of dotluv. Not only does Alli blog about fashion and photography and a lot of other cool stuff BUT she is also one of my bestest ladies! We are pretty much the most perfect shopping companions for each other, which is a true sign of friendship greatness. Here are Alli's top choices for fall:

"I want a nice black wedge boot that I can wear with both jeans and dresses, but is also in some way Minnesota-winter appropriate. Both fashionable and sensible. It would be great if I could find one with tread! But when am I not thinking about shoes? Never."

"I also cannot stop thinking about rearranging the living room in our apartment. I've been thinking lately that our apartment is a little bit more on the feminine/whimsical side than I would like it, and especially now that winter is upon us, I've been wanting to make it a little more masculine looking. A new rug, and maybe rearranging the art and plants that we have will help for now! There are a few things that I will have to just dream about for now (two Eames shell chairs to replace my yellow upholstered chair, anyone?) but something I can do, is invest in a clean white cow skin rug."

 THANKS ALLI!! Stay tuned, folks. I've got more ladies on the docket for you!


  1. EMMMMMAAAAA! I LOOOOOOVE THIIIIIIIIIIIIIS! The illustration is so perfect. And yes, we are best lady soul-mates. Let's go shopping.

  2. I love that illustration! So pretty, Emma!

  3. Love this! The drawing is so spot on! I need to email you back ASAP so I can get my own drawing!

  4. AAAhhh! This is so incredible!! You are an amazing artist, Emma!

  5. Isn't she Maria?!? Erin, DO IT FAST.