Wednesday, August 24, 2011

later on

late summer

Yep, August is about to end. I know, how did this happen? It's been a lovely summer, and these last glorious days are so perfect! No humidity, perfect temperature.... BIG SIGHS ALL AROUND. I've been spending it well, though - lots of "family dinners" and patio outings and even a visit to the History Center last night with Alli, Erin, Maggie and Maria! Tonight, a double date at a new restaurant.

I've been contemplating making a list of essentials and sorting my clothes out - keeping what fits on the rest and trying to sell the rest... and then working on finding what remains. Does this sound too intense? I think it sounds like FUNFUNFUN, but will possibly be spendy.

Dream late summer wardrobe? Long skirts (yep, still looking for the right one. May have purchased two - jury's still out on those), hats, sandals, everything with the possibility of layering.

(clockwise from left: Jigsaw straw hat, Monsoon maxi skirt, John Lewis bracelet (out of stock), Tory Burch clutch, Car Shoe espadrilles, Michelle Mason tank top)

(clockwise from left: Sequin rope necklace, MiH Jeans chambray tunic (out of stock), ASOS orange sunglasses, Madwell leather purse, Swedish Hasbeens)


  1. These days really are so comfortable around these parts! I love the outfits you came up with :)

  2. All summer I've been slowing giving away tons of things from both my wardrobe and my home, keeping only things I love and use regularly. It IS fun, and really liberating, too!