Monday, August 1, 2011

hot house
(left: vintage scarf, j crew blouse, UO backpack, omg jeans, UO shoes. right: charlotte russe hat, forever 21 dress, UO backpack, minnetonka moccasins)

Dang. It's hotter 'n a hot thing that is hot these days! I seem to remember there being snow on the ground and not being happy about it but COME ON. Living in the tropics of Minnesota isn't that great either, especially without any A.C. in our apartment.

Here are some wardrobe photos, as I am too frazzled to post anything else. The images you see where I am standing next to a glorious air conditioner were taken while doing my yearly stint as resident assistant for MCAD's Pre College Summer Sessions - so I stayed in the dorms and blasted the AC and put my mattress right next to said AC. It was, I can assure you again, glorious.

(left: vintage dress & belt, UO shoes. right: h&m cardigan, target shirt, vintage necklace, coach purse, omg jeans, UO shoes)

orange nails


  1. I adore that pastel checked dress! and your coral/orange hued nails! :)

    May I ask where the dress is from? Don't tell me, it's vintage isn't it?

  2. angela - YES, it's vintage, a gift from Alli actually! SORRYYY. I'm sure you'll find something like it out there!