Wednesday, August 3, 2011

busting out

Friday, Friday

Do you guys read BUST magazine? Yes? Well check out this month's issue to see a little illustration by yours truly! I worked with the supremely awesome Erin to create a piece accompanying an op ed on the uber-famous Rebecca Black. After drawing lil' Rebecca's face over and over again, I started to feel a little attached to her... I know she chose to be in a music video, but give the lady a break, folks! I certainly don't think she's some kind of "sloot", just a teenager who maybe doesn't have the best taste in who to pick to produce her music & music videos.

But again, I'm sooo sososooso honored to be featured in BUST again. If you've never picked up this magazine before (be still my heart), please go check it out! They have some absolutely fab articles and fashion spreads. I always get good etsy recommendations through them!

Look, there's my illustration again:



  1. AH! I love Bust. Its actually a dream of mine to get to illustrate for them. How did you go about doing this? Did they approach you?

  2. I sent them a postcard along with a personal note and a small printed sample of my work a few years ago. They then contacted me to do an illustration that year, and I've sent them one or two postcards since them to keep reminding them about my presence! You just have to pick out art directors and make sure to send them personal notes, so they know you're aware of their magazine.

  3. saw this, was like 'yeah, i know her!' (kind of). i love flipping through magazines & checking out the illustrators. bust plus a free scottish cultural newspaper called the skinny always have me spotting a few familiar faces. i was in the issue before yours, was so pleased to be asked!

  4. I LOOOOVED the illustration you did for them, Jen! I hope we continue to see eachother in various publications more often!