Monday, June 20, 2011

whether or not

all images c/o theSteward

I think if I could live in the world of any website in existence I would pick theSteward. Part WASP-y home in the Hamptons/Vail, part European holiday and 100% beautiful, theSteward is a mostly wordless collection of super beautiful images from the past and present. I really love the mix of photos of exteriors, landscapes, people and a few songs thrown in for good measure. I dare you not to keep going back in the archives, for serious. It's all lakeside days and nighttime feasts.


Especially with this crappy Minnesota summer (humid and kinda rainy in the day, chilly and humid at night) I'm just wishing for a nice dry day in the sun at a lake... or even (I can't believe I'm saying this) a cozy winter day tucked away into a snowy cabin with plenty of snacks and blankets. Maybe what I'm really yearning for is relaxation and the time to put together nice meals.


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