Monday, June 27, 2011




from jwannie's Jazz Age photos on flickr

Have you guys heard about this amazing Jazz Age Lawn Party thrown on Governor's Island in NYC? Every year, Michael Arenella and his band host this totally sweet looking 20s themed shindig, complete with dance floor and cocktails by St. Germain (a product I've been meaning to imbibe more of!). Everyone dresses up and dances and eats pies.. it sounds like my kinda night!

from New York Metromix

from New York Post

Of course, seeing this year's pictures got me thinking.... what would I wear? There are so many fashionable folks pictured, it seems like it's necessary to go all out! If I had a dream budget, it would probably go a little something like this:

silk dress from my theresa, 5 layer necklace from trend boutique, round sunglasses from la garconne, straw hat from reiss, tapestry purse from modcloth, mary janes from rupert sanderson


  1. I read about this event last year!! I need to attend!

  2. well then we should both go next year! LETS DO IT.