Thursday, June 9, 2011

hats off


I stopped off at good ol' Target to grab popsicles and ingredients for tzatziki sauce for falafel.... and walked away (as one generally does with Target) with something else. This big floppy straw hat with its blue bow was so charming, and after texting a photo to Alli for confirmation of cuteness, I took the plunge.

The thing I love about this hat is that I feel like, depending on what I wear with it, I'll either look like a character from a Miyazaki film or a lady at the beach in the 30s. WIN WIN SITUATION, GUYS. Who wants to go to the beach with me?



  1. I've actually just started hunting for a hat exactly like this! The sun in Arkansas is blazing hot and even a walk to the mailbox has me turning pink. Too bad the closest Target is 2 hours away. :/ It looks wonderful on you, though.

  2. ahh! love the hat. so summery. throw on a big pair of sunglasses and a sundress and you're paris-70's-fabulous!