Thursday, March 4, 2010

salt of the earth


"Wouldn't it be nice if that oak tree would ever reach my remains, and the tree would take nourishment from that? And it's kind of like I never died, really."

I read this article on NPR awhile ago and thought the whole thing was marvelous. So romantic, an illustration was just begging to be made. It also particularly makes sense that this woman is from Michigan - I met plenty of people who probably felt the same way as her growing up in the mitten state.

This is the work in progress so far... but something feels unfinished. Since I can't go to class and have my peers all in one spot anymore (curse you art school! critiques were so helpful!), I'm going to ask for YOUR advice. You. yes you, with the coffee in your hand sitting in your favorite chair. Or you, surfing the internets at work while waiting for something to do. You know who you are.

p.s. while I was making this illustration (specifically, placing all the flowers & fauna) I was listening to the This American Life about Sinatra and now when I look at those flowers all I can think about is "My Way " or "That's Life". BRAINS ARE WEIRD.


  1. hey,
    did you know i have you in my blog reader thing?
    anyways my very good friend Theresa is the president of the minnesota chapter of trust for natural legacies and is much involved with trying to get bills passed in MN that allows you to freeze a corpse, rather than embalm it so that you can transport it and do these kind of green burials with ease. as well as allow for a public viewing for an not embalmed corpse, which is currently illegal in MN. visit
    for more information.
    personally when I die I like the idea of ancient Teutonic sacred bogs and swamps. just dump them bodies in there, let the swamp do the rest. tell everyone it's haunted so that they'll stay away and not see all the skulls and bones in the muck, as well as the muskrats and turtles scavenging on bodies. it seems like a great way to perceive come critical wetlands by making them swampy cemeteries.unfortunately such a concept is extremely illegal in USA