Wednesday, March 10, 2010


"I am not afraid... I was born to do this."
-Joan of Arc

for this week's illustration friday the keyword was "brave". I have been moving away from the fantasy art that captivated me all the way to my early college years in favor of more serious or more girly topics, but recently I've started a project that's bringin' me back to my Dinotopia, Red Wall, Sailor Moon, and general fun monster drawin' fantasy roots. This project has also been causing me to want to research a lot of the cultural heritage of Minnesota - namely Native American and Scandinavian, but I'm also thinking I should look at Hmong and Somalian imagery too.

Anywho, that's where this image came from. This week I also really like the contributions of hsinping pan, moira millman, and alice carroll (HOLY CRAP THAT LINEWORK!!!)

ALSO I have a new hand set font available for purchase at You Work For Them. His name is Alistair... be nice to him, he's gentle.

p.s. "Two posts in one day, Emma?" you might say, "That seems in excess." "NAY!" I will respond, "I actually wrote that last post about jeans two days ago and forgot to post it. Also it was boring!"


  1. lovely! both joan and alistair :-)
    and why would i ever object to being favourited on your awesome blog? thank you very much for doing so!

  2. just had a peek at your site, great work! cheers for the nice comment and the mention on your blog:)

  3. that little illustration is so cute!! you're so talented ^.^