Monday, March 8, 2010

in the jeans

Dearest darling jeans that were my favorite,

Perhaps it was because I favored you over my other denim, perhaps it was because you came from old navy and I jinxed it by saying I had a pair of Old Navy jeans for three years that never ripped, perhaps it was because all good things must end..

and now I need a new pair.

I'm thinking cropped (for the hopefully impending spring) or a cigarette ankle jean... if they look good on me. I haven't actually bought a new pair of jeans in so long I can't actually remember what looks good! BUT HERE ARE SOME OPTIONS.

the gap, jack wills, and urban outfitters (even though I personally reeaaaallly don't like those shoes.)


  1. my favorite pair also recently ripped :(
    OMG! go to the gap, if you take your old pair, any brand, they'll give you 30% off a new pair!! ^.^

  2. SAY WHAT? I didn't know that!!!! NEW MISSION IN LIFE.