Sunday, May 4, 2014


Emma Trithart

LE SIGH. Another session of Make at that Sells is drawing to an end. At least the last assignment was loads of fun - party paper inspired by Bavarian and Ukranian folk art? Yes okay! I had a good time doing image research - check out the National Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art if you want to spend some time looking at some truly gorgeous textiles.

I'm super happy with my final product too! Because I'm a crazy person I made a repeating pattern for the napkin design, even though that wasn't really necessary. YOU'RE WELCOME, NO ONE.

Now I'm thinking about summer parties (did I mention it's been over 90 degrees pretty much all week? HOT, DYING OF SWEAT) and all that fun stuff. My party supplies might look nice at a summer BBQ with a vaguely European slant, ja? Please throw such a party and invite me. Here are some recipes to get you started:
Pigs in a Blanket / Dill Pickles / Spicy Shandy / Raspberry Tart

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