Wednesday, May 28, 2014

california dreamin

thanks to laura we snagged a couple free tickets to the huntington gardens, and it was glorious

Obviously this blog is mostly about sharing my art, but it's also a personal blog and I haven't really been posting too many visual representations of our new life here in La La Land. It's been an entirely new experience moving to a new, vastly different city in my adult life. I thought I had a little experience moving from Michigan to Minnesota for college, but that was essentially like dipping my toes into the kiddie pool and slooowwwllyyy wading in. I'm a midwest girl, and moving to California was like jumping into the deep end and then losing my bikini top. 

That is to say, it's been awesome and a little shocking! 

So here, some visual stimuli for you. We've been here for just about three months and have already had three sets of visitors, all of whom I love: My parents & brother (who was living in San Diego for a few months, so we visited him too!), Alli & Alex, and Bill, Ben & John. See if you can spot them, it'll be like Where's Waldo but for people you possibly don't actually know.

venice foliage LA sunset
gorgeous foliage in venice & silverlake

taking a walk
taking a walk with some fashionable fellas

Disney San Diego
a trip to disney animation studios / the aquarium in san diego

San Diego
more san diego - we saw a guy catch a bebe shark here? he took a selfie and then threw it back in the ocean

Malibu meyer lemon olive oil cake
malibu treats: sandy crabcakes / I would take up residency at sqirl if I could afford it

Rose Bowl
took a tour of the rosebowl with the fam, found some modern art disguised as an abandoned sign


  1. I just read about SQURL. Gosh does it look good! Apparently she's expanded to have a place that sells goodies for picnics. Please visit when it opens ;)

    1. Oh! Where did you read this? I'm curious if it's the wine shop next door or something else!

    2. I read this in the latest issue of Bon Appetit (which also conveniently shared recipes for how to make things on her menu...)